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Last month, I received an invitation from the office of Senator Pia Cayetano inviting bloggers for a breastfeeding forum. I let out a silent scream when I got the invitation. Haha! Of course, I said yes! Breastfeeding is something I'm really passionate about and I would do anything in my power to help moms and moms-to-be with their breastfeeding questions, issues, and woes and of course to be aware of the breastfeeding issues in our country.

As you all know (or if you don't know yet), Senator Pia Cayetano is an advocate of women’s rights and welfare, she pushed the ‘Expanded Breastfeeding Act,’ which establishes lactation stations in the workplace to encourage nursing mothers to continue breastfeeding even at work. It was really a privilege to be invited and to listen to the thoughts of an influential woman in our country. From Wikipedia
She's really pretty, btw. :)
I'm also lucky to be in a place surrounded by women who share the same cause, passion, and advocacy. We shared our breastfeeding stories. I felt energized, inspired, and hopeful.
The main discussion was the Milk Monster Bill (Let's kill this bill! Read my post on this here). The changes and provisions are really alarming and threatening the current Milk Code.

Another thing that was discussed was to revive the blog Best for Babies. What is the blog about?
A blog dedicated to all mothers who believe in the time-honored practice of breastfeeding and the superiority of mother’s milk over infant formula and breastmilk substitutes.A blog to share breastfeeding ups and downs … to learn from other mother’s experiences …  to support and encourage fellow moms to continue the practice of breastfeeding.This blog came about because of Senator Pia’s desire to push the campaign for breastfeeding and to complement efforts for the passage of the proposed “Expanded Breastfeeding Act.”
You can also read about the different breastfeeding stories of different women including Sen. Pia Cayetano's and Jenny Ong's stories.

There's a lot of issues surrounding breastfeeding. If you support our cause, please do start by creating awareness around you, your family and your friends or maybe in your work. Be an advocate of breastfeeding and infect others with your advocacy!


  1. hello! I have my breastfeeding story as well ( ). and I could say that I am proud that I was able to breastfed my youngest the longest. Thanks for sharing this post. I have a cousin in law who just gave birth I would definitely tell her to try breastfeeding... btw, i love the new look of your blog... :))

  2. Thanks Grechie! I hope your cousin-in-law would breastfeed. It's definitely the best for babies! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Since i became a mom i'm constantly in need to spread the word on breastfeeding. That's the main reason why i decided to blog at

  4. Thank you Brenda for spreading the word! :) I read your blog! Nice tips and entries on breastfeeding entries! Let's continue to blog and spread our advocacy!