Sibling Rivarly?!

I hope not! Well, not yet. More of sibling jealousy for now, I think.

When we brought home R from the hospital, we introduced Y to R. We told her this is her shoti and that she should love him, etc. The first time I nursed R in front of Y, she said "ayaw shoti, ayaw shoti!". I think she got confused. I would tell her that shoti needs mommy's milk. Many times after that, she would insist to nurse too, I would let her but she would just open her mouth and just touch the nipple with her teeth, pull away, then smile at me. I guess she just wanted attention.
There are days when she sees me about carry R, she would say again "ayaw mommy!". I would put down R first and play with her then carry R again. I would tell her to kiss and hug her shoti. At first, ayaw niya. But eventually she kisses and hugs R... there are times she would ask to popo (carry in Fukien) shoti. But now, ayaw nanaman!
I guess we are still adjusting. I miss my quality time with Y. The baby and I are a package deal nowadays, nursing almost every hour. If not, he wanted to be carried all the time. Even if I wanted to play with Y, it's always 5 minutes lang. She's always with her yaya... We still co-sleep which is great, we get to bond before sleeping but of course that is not the same. Oh well...
Of course, at one point in their childhood, they will fight and argue, but I hope they'll outgrow that. One thing I really hope and wish is that Y and R grow up to be close and be the best of friends.


  1. Haaay... I have seen that scene with my 2 older daughters, makasunod sila talaga eh. But then again, as much as possible, I really make time to each of my daughters kahit mahirap. Kaya mo yan, tayo pang mga mothers, we know what to do. Will cheer you... :))

  2. applesanddumplingsJuly 23, 2012 at 12:03 PM

    How are they now? 
    Thank you Grechie! Sana nga maging ok din :)

  3. they are okay now... know the meaning of sisters though there are times that they still fight, pre-teens na kasi. hehehe! dumating din naman sa point that they know how to share and love each other... ;)

  4. applesanddumplingsJuly 24, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    Hehe.. I guess hindi talaga maiiwasan.