Pump It!

In about a month, I'll be going back to work (so sad!). I need to start stock expressed breast milk. After being hidden away at the back of the cabinet for 8 months, I welcome back my old friend, the pump, my Philips Avent Isis Duo!
And so I started pumping this week. Usually, lactation consultants/counselors would advise to start pumping at 6 weeks. But I started at 5 weeks because I have a binyag to attend on Sunday and I'll be ninang! I'm not sure yet if I'll be bringing R with me.

My first pumping session yielded 4oz which made me so happy! I don't remember having this much milk before with Y. I pump once a day because R nurses almost every hour and I only get to pump when R naps during noon or at night when he sleeps longer.
I have now 23oz 27oz in the freezer! Yay!!! Will order mommy treats next week to boost my milk supply!

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