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Y is 21 months now and lately she's been a picky eater. Either that or she's sawa na with what we've been feeding her. Adding to that, she's also teething. Her molars and K9s are all bursting with joy, while Y had LBM, fever, and no appetite and would not eat two weeks ago.

Whenever it's meal time and she sees her high chair, which we had since she was 6 months old, she would shake her head and say "ayaw, ayaw cha-cha" and cry! Cha-cha means eat in Hokkien. But she would eat when it's her meal time or when she's not fed with lugaw or any other of her food or when seated in her papa's lap or mine. So I had to think of a solution.
Her highchair which served us well, now to passed it on to Shoti
I initially thought of buying of a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair but that would set me back by 10k or more if I buy here, 8k if I buy in the US. I saw it on Chuvaness kasi! Buti na lang I tweeted about getting a toddler chair and Eli suggested Kaboost, Oli of Quirks Marketing showed me a video, and I was sold! Cheaper too! I picked a color (apple green!) and it was delivered to me in two days!
Y's been sitting on "her" chair whenever it's meal time. Though she won't sit still at times, it's been better than having a crying toddler and forcing her to sit and eat in her high chair! I hope there will be no more drama soon!

It's super easy to use and we can use it on any 4-legged chair, plus it's travel-friendly, we can bring it to my parent's house next time when we have lunch!

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