Iphone Apps For This Breastfeeding Momma

Having my Iphone on my bed side is really helpful nowadays especially when waking up and staying awake while feeding the baby in the middle of the night!

These apps keep me company while breastfeeding:

Twitter - this is my source of chismax and current events and where I met my mommy twitter friends! It's the only social media I have. Reading tweets of some celebrities and twitter friends keep me awake. Twitpics too!
Instagram - one of my favorite apps! Since I don't have FB, it's where I get to upload photos and see photos of my niece and nephew and friends! I follow fashion bloggers and get to see what they wear! Guilty pleasure!
Blogger - I can get to blog on my Iphone while feeding! I only use this when I'm not THAT sleepy! This is where I draft my blog entries too when the BOS is using the laptop.
Tong-Its Xtreme - I'm addicted to this one! And one of my favorite games! I'm no gambler but I enjoy playing cards. I'm Player 1 and my money now is $200k na! Yay! Adik lang!
Pinterest - pinning and feeding! Since I can't use the laptop all the time, I have to make do with my Iphone and Pinterest is one of my favorite websites! The Pinterest app is buggy at times but it keeps me company and awake so ok lang!
I use other apps too but these five are my most used apps on my phone! Care to share yours?


  1. i don't have an iphone but an ipad, and my fave apps are twitter, instagram, facebook and bejewelled. hehehe!

  2. i don't have an iphone either.  i use an Android and use ubersocial for my twitter :D