Lucky Chinatown

Last Tuesday (Labor Day), BOS, Y and I went to check out Lucky Chinatown. It's the newest mall on our side of the town! Unlike 168, 999, 11/88 (what's with these number malls?! Hehe!) and Tutuban malls which are more of tiangge style and sells made in China goods and fake merchandises, Lucky Chinatown is a more high end mall! Pero sa Binondo, very posh na iyon! Hahaha...

We usually do our grocery shopping at Puregold, cheaper and nearer our house, but since it was a holiday, I suggested to check out the new mall and Metro Gaisano Market.

Here are some photos (from my iPhone 3GS) I've taken! Sorry if it's blurry, my other hand is holding a very makulit toddler.

Here's the atrium..
There's a lot of restaurants open already. Yay for Italianni's and Cibo! I don't have to go very far for a Cibo fix.
King Chef soon to open!
Most stores are still closed but a lot of people going around the mall. Can't wait for Cotton On to open! Stores to open are Bench, Penshoppe, Cotton On, Aldo, Sperry... yun iba hindi ko na napansin.
158 designer blvd (tama ba?)
More nail salons in my neighborhood! Yay!
I went inside Mango. It's been a long time since I've entered a Mango store. So many nice dresses!!! Must go back after giving birth and when I shrink back into my pre-pregnancy weight (asa lang ako! LOL)
Y playing inside Mango
Their food court, Food Junction is small (sorry no picture), a few stalls are open already! Must go back and try Chicken Charlie! Here's more photos of restaurants that are already open...
Our last stop was the grocery. It was disappointing. Their stocks are not complete. But Y enjoyed her grocery cart ride :)

Oh, and I'm happy to report that there's a breastfeeding room! I didn't get to see it though. I tried to look for it but didn't find it. Next time! Maybe after I give birth, I'll do a review and compare it to a SM breastfeeding station.

One thing I hate was the parking. Wrong design. Flow of traffic is magulo causing traffic at the exit.
Crazy traffic at parking exit!
But I'll definitely go back when Cotton On is open! Right, Fleur and Martine? :)


  1. Patty B. BalquiedraMay 5, 2012 at 9:14 PM

    Very interesting. The mall looks really upper class ha. Plus a Sperry store! I wish it wasn't so far!

  2. applesanddumplingsMay 6, 2012 at 11:30 AM

    Oo nga.. very nice. Feeling ko madaming tao lang lagi.

  3. It's even a wonder how you can take such nice pictures with a toddler, haha!  Where exactly is Lucky Chinatown?

  4. applesanddumplingsMay 8, 2012 at 10:01 AM

    It's in Binondo, near 168 and 999 malls :)

  5. When kaya is Cotton On opening? :)

  6. applesanddumplingsMay 9, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    Sa June daw :)