31 Weeks and On a Diet

Had my check-up the other day. First thing my OB said to me when she saw me was "Ang laki mo!" Thank you ha. Haha! No I wasn't offended, I know I'm big. I gained 10lbs in 5 weeks. I'm bigger than when I was pregnant with Y. My current weight was my weight when I gave birth to Y! I eat like a monster! I'm always hungry, I can't help it and masarap kasi talaga kumain!

My blood pressure was a bit high too. My OB got worried. If it remains this high, she'll have to give me medication. :( She advised me to go on a low sodium, low carb diet which is really hard for me to do. I love rice, bread, potatoes... :( Kaya ko 'to!
I'll see her again in two weeks so let's see.

Since I didn't get to consult other OBs for/on VBAC, CS na ulit ako. My OB said that I can give birth any time from June 11 - 20. We just have to pick a date and schedule my operation. Bigla akong natakot!

I still got a list of things to do and buy. My balikbayan box is almost on its way, just waiting for a couple of things na lang! Having a baby is really overwhelming, even if it's the second baby! Plus I'm also a bit anxious because this time it's a boy! For sure, iba ang experience! I'm psyching myself up just by writing this entry! Waahhhh...

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  1. i feel having diet in the time of pregnancy is not correct Pregnant Weeks