Pregnant Pause 3

I wish I can join this one but I have schedule conflict. So expecting moms and dads, I encourage you to join this one! I attended Pregnant Pause 2, it was very informative!
Mommy Mundo have been holding PREGNANT PAUSE, a series of intimate talks exclusively for expectant moms and dads. They're having their 3rd session this SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 2012 at 1pm at
Stock Market, Bonifacio High Street.

Here are the PREGNANT PAUSE 3 topics and line up of speakers:

Rome Kanapi, childbirth educator: Helpful Techniques for A Soon To
1. stretching
2. positions in labor & delivery
3. how to manage back pain
4. when to go to the hospital
5. pushing techniques
6. learn to relax

Jen Tan of Next9, Babywearing and attachment pareting

Jeannie Castillo of Kindermusik conducts a pilot class for expectant parents

If you're expecting again, please join them!

Register now at 4709925 or text 09178162524. Limited slots available:)

*the Pregnant Pause Talk is exclusive to pregnant moms only.:)

Please feel free to forward this to any pregnant friends:)

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