It's All About Breastfeeding This Month!

August is World Breastfeeding Month!

It's going to be 11 months since I started breastfeeding and it's been an amazing journey! It's something I'm very proud of and very close to my heart.

It's not easy at first but I got all the support I need from my husband.
Holding Y for the very first time after delivery.
The milk drunk look we all breastfeeding moms love! Satisfied baby!
I love Y's eyes especially when she's breastfeeding!
I've learned a lot from breastfeeding, met moms who breastfeed, started this blog... Crazy ride from low milk supply to experiencing nursing in a breastfeeding station, nursing in public to joining blog carnivals (view my post here and here). I told you it's an amazing journey!

There are activities set for this month of breastfeeding!
I hope there are more activities! I wanna join in spreading the awareness! Oh, I'm looking forward for this month's blog carnival! Let's do this!

For more information on other activities, check Jenny's post!
And check out the Painter's Wife post on L.A.T.C.H.'s campaign!

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