Y's Trips to Tarlac!

The first time Y went to Tarlac was three weeks after G was born. It's Y's first out of town trip. We only stayed for two hours because grandma doesn't want to stay long.
Y in Tarlac!
We had lunch at a Shell gas station on NLEX. We ate at Kenny Roger's. Y's first time to sit on a high chair as I have not yet bought her high chair yet that time and it was too big so we had to improvise!
We used the changing pad as cover for the back, lampin on her seat, and hot dog pillow on her front to secure her. Hehe..
That weekend was also Y's first time to eat solids. Lugaw! And she didn't like it because it's bland. Haha!
Her second trip to Tarlac was a surprise birthday party for my younger sister. My BIL prepared everything. It was a small gathering. She was happy to see us, and likewise! Ang totoo, si G ang pinunta namin! Haha.. My little nephew, Y's cousin is slowly catching up to Y's size and weight.  
Hi G! :)
BOS carrying G. 
Y all giddy and excited!
Outfit: GH
Before having our feast, Y was sleepy na. Good thing we bought the stroller, she slept there for one good hour!
Food was great! Yummy! We all had fun. Pero si Y, takot kay BIL. Every time she sees her, she'll cry! I don't know why. Maybe because he doesn't smile at Y? While eating, Y was well-behaved, seating in her stroller watching us eat. Hehe..
Y's favorite toy: Iphone!
Costa Brava and Red Ribbon Cakes!
I find this picture funny haha!
G: *crying*
Y: "G, anu pang iniiyak-iyak mo dyan? Picture na daw!"
It was a great weekend. The day before we went to Power Plant for the Expo Kid. Saw Paola and her cutie pie baby! Had a photo session at The Picture Company. Will have to post about that soon too!

Bakasyon mode muna!

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