The Good. The Bad. The Baby

The Good.
Hmm.. I have to think about what good happened the last few days. Because most of the things that happened and are happening are bad. Good.. Y started eating fruits last week. She didn't like the applesauce I made. I had a funny picture of her face. She didn't like the latundan bananas I bought. What she liked were: avocados, lakatan bananas, and apples (the fruit itself) She enjoys eating. Every meal when her yaya puts her in her highchair, she knows it's eating time! She'll ask for her food na haha so cute! And she does thing now, when she kneels, she bounces up and down, wiggling her body like she's dancing. Haha and everytime we say "dance", she does her thing. Hahaha... Y amuses us so much!

We also celebrated BOS's birthday last Friday. Just us the family. Spaghetti, Lumpiang Shanghai, Chooks-to-Go, Red Ribbon's Chocolate Mousse, and Starbucks Banoffee Pie! Yum yum yum! Oh, and I also made lumpiang shanghai sauce from scratch! Woohoo... adding that to the list of what I know how to cook! Hahaha.. We didn't get to eat dessert because BOS was so tired he fell asleep while I was nursing Y. Saturday, I made seafood laksa. I'll post recipe when I remember to hehe.. Didn't took a picture, too hungry to take pictures! BOS said it was good, but not great. Haha.. Next time ulit!

The Bad.
Y has a bad cough. She caught it from one of our helpers. Boo. It's been five six days since. (She's better now) I took her to her pedia last Thursday. Her pedia said her lungs are clear, throat is not inflamed, no colds. So she just prescribed Ambroxol 1ml twice a day but she hasn't got better. I think she has phlegm, but how can a baby spit out phelgm. Hay I feel so helpless everytime she coughs. This morning, she threw up breastmilk after coughing. And I can't contact my pedia! Grrrr... I'm worried. I'm searching home remedies for coughs because I don't really want Y to take so much medicine. Nag-aaway pa kami every time I gave her medicine, pati vitamins! I put some healing balm (Indigo Baby's Jar of Love) on her back and chest, hoping to help her a bit. Hayayayay.. what else do I need/have to do? Any suggestions?

The Baby.
Y's getting malikot and makulit na. Every morning, after her yaya changes her diapers and change her clothes. She knows it's time for her daily paaraw. Haha.. she would face and directs her body to the door, like telling her yaya, let's go na! She gets sungit when you disturb her concentration/peace on anything (when holding a toy, sleeping in a position she's comfortable, grabbing anything from her). Marunong na! Babies grow up so fast. I wish I'm a SAHM!

Have a great week! Only three days of work. Yay!

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