Y Fell Off the Bed! Wah!

She fell off the bed this morning! I feel so bad. Bad mommy :( Our bed is about two feet high from the floor! It's high! And we don't have wood floors so imagine my fear and panic!

We co-sleep, I was already awake this morning when she woke up. But I didn't get up, I was playing with her pa, and then I fell asleep! :( Y doesn't crawl forward, she crawls backward pa lang. So she fell kaka-atras nya. All I heard was her cry! When I heard her cry, I knew she fell from the bed because she's not really the crying type. Ayun nga, she's on the floor na. I picker her up, consoled and hugged her. My whole body was shaking! I kept on saying sorry to her while I hugged her.

She calmed down a few minutes after. I checked her for any bruises, bumps, and checked if her limbs are fine. She was okay, she was back to being her kulit self, she smiling and all. Parang walang nangyari. I knew she was okay (mother's instinct, I guess). But I still wanted to be sure. I called my pedia's clinic, no answer. So I sorted to Google. Every site I checked said that a fall from three feet or less would not result to any major injury.

The yaya gave her a bath after that. Hindi pala pwede maligo, a precaution when there's pilay. Oopps.. Lesson learned. I called the pedia's clinic again, she asked us to go see her so that she can see her and checked her. I like how thorough my pedia is. We immediately went there, she checked Y. We can't really know how she fell, head first or butt first. But from my theory and BOS's theory, she didn't fell hard. Her pedia thinks so too. I didn't hear a thud. Just her cry when she was on the floor. Everything is fine. But we still have to observe her for any vomiting, but her pedia said she doubt that Y will vomit. She advised us to have Y took Paracetamol.

Today is a stressful day! I still want to co-sleep but I don't want this to happen again. My solution is to have her Graco "crib" in our room, she'll sleep there from now on or put pillows and mats on the floor so when she falls again (I hope not!), it would not be like today.

I'm so sorry Y! Tomorrow when mommy's awake na, I'll sit up na and not lie again on the bed.

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  1. Hi Cheann! Parang walang nangyari nga. She went back to her normal self after a few minutes of comforting her. Hay me, flashback of what happened still haunts me. :( I'm just glad she's okay.

  2. Hi! Don't feel bad. I guess it happens to moms and kids are so resilient. After comforting them, parang walang nangyari. Based on my experience, if the kids are not really hurt bad, after comforting them, they go back to normal. Parang walang nangyari. I just hope that us moms can do so, too.

  3. We're considering all options. I'm planning to buy to the kiddie mats na. I don't want to worry too kung hindi, talagang hindi na ako matutulog!

  4. Don't feel bad dear. I think it happens to everyone and that doesn't make you a bad momma. If you like, you can do what I did. Tinanggal namin ang kama. Tinira na lang namin yung cushion. Japanese style =) And then I placed a lot of kiddie mats around the bed. Now I never worry when we sleep =)

  5. Hay super panicked talaga aako, my body was shaking talaga. Thank God she's fine!

    I promise talaga to be awake as much as I can! Ayoko ng maulit, kaka-paranoid. My husband was considering sleeping in the crib with Y din! Haha!

  6. Waaaah! I know what you mean! The day Vito fell off the bed, I kept crying and crying (but I waited for him and the yaya to leave para hindi ma-upset si Vito more). I super bawled on Twitter and every mommy was so encouraging but I still felt like a bad mom!

    Sigh. Don't feel bad na. Wag ka na lang matulog. Ever! That's what I do now. Or I sleep with him in the crib. Serious! Malaki kasi crib ni Vito =)