Sunday Afternoon Out

Last Sunday was a lazy Sunday. My mom really wanted to go out and ran errands, pick up her clothes at Alterations Plus and from the laundry shop and pick up my papa's barong at Intercon. But I was kinda lazy to drive haha! But I wanted to take Y out too, but not for long of course! So my mom suggested that we just go S&R na lang and papa will drive. Ok game!

Used this MK bag for the first time! It doubled as my diaper bag!
Y hadn't have her afternoon nap yet, I said it's okay because she'll sleep in the car on the way there. So I dressed her up, she finally got to wear this cute dress I bought from a bazaar while I was still pregnant. The BOS didn't come with us, I also didn't ask the yaya to come with us since we will be there for an hour or two lang. So it's just me, Y, and my parents. In the car, Y didn't sleep! She nursed while we were in the car, I was hoping she'll fell asleep, but no! She was wide awake, she kept looking outside. She's a curious one.
Y looking around S&R!
\When we got to S&R, I put her in the stroller, strapped her in and had her facing me. We went from one aisle to another, she kept on looking around. Touching whatever that's near her. She was already sleepy when we got there, she kept on yawning, but she didn't want to sleep. I even reclined her seat. She just laid there, enjoying being pushed and eating her fingers! Haha! At first, I kept on pulling her hands every time she puts her fingers in her mouth, but it's not easy! Pushing then stopping then pulling away her fingers! I did that thrice in a matter of a few minutes! So I just let her be, checking every time baka she'll choke herself!

Y, sarap ba kamay mo?
At one point, she got bored and wants to be carried. When we were done, I was hungry. We ordered hot dogs and a chicken roll. I put Y down to the stroller, halfway thru my hot dog, she wants to be carried again! Haha so cute! Marunong na siya ngayon!

When we got to the car, she nursed again. This time she fell asleep na talaga. By the time we got home, about an hour after, she woke up na. And when we got home, hyper na siya ulit!
Asleep in my arms in the car. That's her trademark pose when sleeping!
Y kulit!
I bought her a cute Elmo book!
Hay Y, you're getting makulit na! :)

Before I forget again, S&R is having a Member's Treat Sale starting today!

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