I Don't Want To Impulsive Buy!

Y started eating solids (will post pictures!) last Sunday, I fed her with lugaw. I think she didn't like it judging by her facial expression. LOL! Today, I added breast milk. I think she liked it better.

The feeding set I'm using now is the one given to her by one of her granduncle. Combi Feeding Set Stage 1. I love Japanese products! :D
Its serving it's purpose naman but I want the Munchkin Spoon with heat sensor. I want it not really because of the heat sensor feature but because the spoon reminded me of my childhood, my little brother's actually. His spoon looks exactly like it! Except the tip is white.

In the mall, it costs Php519.75! Searching Multiply and Ebay.ph, prices range from Php300 - Php475. Still cheaper than in the malls. Problem is, it's too many. But I can always share it to my sister and have G use it when it's his turn to eat solids.

Another thing, I'm looking for a sippy cup or trainer cup for Y. So that I can start training her to drink from a cup. I want to buy a stainless one because it's safer than plastic. But Y is starting to learn to throw things. So I also want to buy a plastic one. Too many choices, too many reviews!

Other things I want to buy! This I'm sure I'll buy!

Php559.75 in malls, I saw this in multiply / ebay for Php500!
Php389.75 each in mall, I found an ebay seller selling it for Php320!

I'm buying my Munchkins from Multiply or Ebay. The cheaper the better! I feel so ripped off by the prices in malls!

Any online stores you recommend? Multiply or Ebay sellers that are reliable and cheap? I'm not buying yet but I have a tendency to buy impulsively!

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