Dilemma Solved!

Remember my entry the other day? My dilemma on high chairs and booster chairs is O-V-E-R! But let me tell you first what I saw when I was searching the "perfect" high chair or booster seat.
I went to the mall last Monday during office break because I was really itching to buy a chair for Y already. Excited much? Initially, my plan was to buy a cheaper high chair, as long as it looks nice, sturdy, and doesn't look "cheap". Yes, I'm maarte. I like nice-looking things. LOL! There were a few choices, I didn't get to take pictures because I was in a rush. One kind can be converted to a toddler chair and table, I think it was Looney Tunes. Nothing I saw I liked. Even the Chicco one, I didn't like. Price range were from Php2,000 to Php6,000.

I think this costs around Php4,000. Hindi ko type!
Then I moved on to looking for a booster chair. The only brand that has booster chair in Robinson's Department Store was Safety 1st. I think of all brands, they are the only one that has more options.

I was decided already to get this one!
I was sold on buying this, as I have mentioned on my other post. I even asked the SA to take it out from the box so I can have a look. It's cute diba? It's only booster chair that has cushioned seat. I didn't buy it because I want to wait for a sale. Kahit 10% off lang ok na ako. But unfortunately there won't be any sale coming up but they have a ongoing promo, free oral care kit worth Php300 if you purchase worth Php2,000.

And then, I read Mommy Fleur's post that SM Baby Company is having a sale!
So yesterday, since I was on leave, after having my driver's license renewed, I went straight to SM. Excited much again? I was decided to get the pink booster seat. But still I went there with an open mind. When I got there, my eyes zoomed in to the big sign that says 50%! There were four strollers and one high chair! I got excited! LOL. The high chair is Graco! Who could go wrong with a Graco? I haven't heard any bad review, only raves from friends and friends of friends. They are sturdy. Original price was Php8,999.75, down to Php4,500! I got more excited. I want it! It has a few scratches here and there and a bit dirty. It was their last stock. But it was ok, 50% off it 50% off! I still checked the booster seat, baka it's on sale but it's not. Same promo with Robinson's lang. So I got the high chair! Yay!
Graco Contempo Grazia
When I got home, the excited mommy, ME, I took it out of the box and have Y try seating on it. Perfect! I think she liked it. Or ako lang haha! It's the same model of high chair that I saw and liked in Amazon. Different design lang. I'm so happy with my purchase! I had the high chair cleaned after of course.
Here's Y enjoying her chair. Reading her Curious George board book.
Dilemma Solved!


  1. Thanks Fleur! :) Girl c Y haha! Oh for the lack of hair hehe ;)

  2. Awwww...

    Your baby looks adorable in his new high chair! =)

  3. Thanks! Swerte lang talaga. Sale sila ngayon til the end of March! Baka may makita ka :)

  4. Wow, swerte!!! And the highchair looks nice. Lagi ako dumadaan ng baby company pero never ako swerte sa sale. :(

    Congrats on your great find. :)