Planning Our Major Car Purchase With Help of Car Payment Calculator!

Our family car has been serving us well for the past 20 years. We have been having a few car troubles in the past few years and my husband and I have been talking about getting an upgrade soon. But since we're still in pandemic and our business has not been doing good as well but it doesn't hurt to plan and set goals right?

Buying a car is a major purchase. What brand, kind of car, automatic or manual transmission, fuel it uses, insurance and of course how will we pay for it? I've tagged along with my parents were going from one car dealer to another when I was younger. I remember my dad would ask us to try to sit in the car if 4 of us kids would fit into it. It was such a fun memory! But I have no idea how car loan payments work! But good thing, I found an online Car Payment Calculator!

Although this website is in USD, you can just assume it's in Peso. For someone who's clueless about car purchases and car loans, online tools like this is such a great help! You can simply input the amount in the blanks and it will automatically calculate for you! For example (photo below), the computation below is for a car with the price of Php3,000,000, a down payment of Php600,000, interest rate of 6%, etc. With this tool, I can play around with the numbers, figure out what works for us and eventually set a plan for our future car!

My husband and I have talked about what kind of car we would want to purchase. It would be a medium-sized SUV which he and I could drive comfortably and confidently because my husband and I like taking long drive trips with our kids. The car should comfortably sits both of my kids as well and ample trunk space for my shopping and grocery trips!

According to Business World, there was a vehicle sales jump recently which is a good sign. But let's get real for a moment, with the uncertainty of the pandemic and oil price hike, we have to be smart about our car purchase and planning trips whether it's just to the mall or going out of town. I discovered there's Gas Budget Calculator on the website under the Operating Costs tab. The Gas Budget Calculator is a great tool  for your existing cars as well! Just choose your type of car, average miles/gallon, number of times you drive per week, etc. The numbers made my eyes go wide! But I'm really glad that I have access to this calculator because it is a big help with budgeting!

While exploring through the website, I discovered there are Car Arcade Games in too! My son found me playing the games and he ended up playing at the website most the time!

The Car Payment Calculator has different calculators in the website and just as the Car Payment Calculator, you just input the numbers and it will automatically compute it for you. This website has been helpful to us especially when I don't have any idea where to start or how car loan works. This makes us look forward to buying our dream family car! And hopefully soon too!

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