Women Entrepreneurs I Admire

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants” - Coco Chanel

I believe empowering women is essential especially that I am raising a daughter. I want her to be able to do what she wishes to accomplish in her life related to career, education, and any other things. It's important for me to let her know that she has equal rights in everything she does and her papa and I will fully support her.

I am an entrepreneur myself but there's still a lot of things to learn in having a business and running it. There are a few women entrepreneurs that I look up to and admire. Let me tell you who they are.

Meet Ikram Zein, she is the founder of Lyra Swim – a modest swimwear brand founded in 2017 who was tired not being able to find a swimwear suited her lifestyle but also reflected her style, beliefs and philosophy.When I first saw the swimwear on the website, I find them really beautiful! I first learned about burkinis from a movie I watched years ago. Lyra Swim's designs are so elegant, beautiful and has good workmanship. You know when a brand is made with passion and that's Lyra Swim! 

Second is Charlotte Cho! Ever since getting into Korean skincare and skincare in general, Charlotte Cho's name has been coming up in every vlog, Google search I did so I Googled her and I've been fan ever since. She is the entrepreneur behind Soko Glam and Then I Met You and the author of The Little Book of Korean Skincare and The Little Book of Jeong. She is known to have made Korean beauty a big thing in the US.

Last but not the least is Marie Kondo, the world famous organizing consultant. I love her organizing philosophy. I've read her books but I love her Netflix show more. I apply a little KonMari at my home too! I love her minimalist approach on organizing things and things sparking joy! Now, she heads a global tidying empire! She trains people to be KonMari consultants all over the world and now even has a line of organizing products at the Container Store.

I have more women entrepreneurs who I look up to and these are just some of them! I will share more in the future! Hope you liked this article.

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