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December was a busy month and I haven't had the chance to sit down and blog again. So Hello! Happy New Year! We went on a short vacation before New Year to recharge and be with family who I haven't seen in two years. January didn't actually start on a good note because I got Covid but I'm well now and doing good!

Because I was in isolation for 14 days, I couldn't just watch Netflix all day so it was a good thing that I discovered another website for online games, it's And yes, it's all food and culinary-related games! It says Kids Food/Cooking Games but it also can be enjoyed by us with kids-at-heart! Right?! There are over 150 online games about food, farming, cooking, the culinary arts, the restaurant business and hospitality-related careers.

I love playing online games for killing time or when I need a break from whenever I work on my laptop. I had so much fun playing the games. There are games that you need to play continuously (and gets really addicting!) and there are short and quick games with different levels.

Sharing with you some of my favorite games on the website: Tap Supermarket and Coffee Shop!

Tap Supermarket is an isometric game where the player must manage a grocery store including restocking produce, expanding the line of goods sold, and checking out customers. As you proogress through the game you can unlock new displays.
When my son saw me playing Tap Supermarket, he wanted to try it too! I gave him the link and he has been playing this game too! It's really fun but at the same time it's exciting you're able to unlock all the displays!

Coffee Shop is a simulation game where you see how much money you can help Cafe Calypso earn in a month. The game includes factors like stocking ingredients, ingredient spoilage, changing drink formulas, managing drink price, and changing consumer demand based on changes in the weather.
I am still getting the hang of this game but I am also enjoying this too especially when my coffee sells out! 

And when I don't feel like playing simulation games, I play idle games like Burger Maker, Pancake Pile-Up and Pizza Party. Hey, they're all my favorite food! Haha!

Here, you just stack up the ingredients base on the order.

On Pizza Party, you just put the ingredients of their pizza order and as you level up, you unlock more pizza flavors!
Here, you need to stack pancakes as high as you can! I piled up 39 pieces until it fell down.

What I like about online games is that I don't to install it on my computer or on my phone. I can just bookmark and just go the website whenever I want to play. Also, I appreciate that there's no ads while I play so I can just continuously play Tap Market as long as I want to! :) While some of the games load slower than the other, I really don't mind, but I hope they can fix that. There are over 150 games on the website, you will never ran out of games to play with. I'm sure you would find a game or 2 that you'll like.

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