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I like playing online games and especially when it's free. No need to install in your device and eat more space in your storage. I discovered a few weeks ago and I've been playing on the website a few times a day whenever I feel burnt out with my writing assignments, making content or just from household chores.

Let me show you what you can see in the website and the variety of games you can play, not just solitaire!

When did you learn to play solitaire? I can't remember when I learned but it's a game I enjoy online or offline. :)

But what I didn't know was there are other versions of solitaire! There's Free Cell, Spider, Pyramid, I tried playing them but I wasn't able to solve a puzzle except for Pyramid where you need to add 2 cards that sum up to 13.

Then, I tried some Mahjong Games! My grandfather used to play mahjong with his friends every week in our house. I never learned how to play the traditional mahjong but I've played a few mahjong games on my phone before and Solitaire.Org has a lot of mahjong games in their website too! Showing you a few of my favorites!
My favorite is the Mahjong Solitaire! I love the cute icons and the pastel colors! You just need to match the tiles.
The Daily Mahjong is similar to the one above! You also just need to match the tiles!
The last is 10 Mahjong where you need to add 2 tiles together summing to 10 with the same tiles!

There are also Hidden Object Games which I played. You need sharp eyes for these games because it's hard to spot those hidden objects but I still enjoyed it! You can pick from different locations and I played the Hidden Kitchen.

 I also enjoy Word Search, Sudoku, Crossword Puzzles and more which are also available on the website!
There's 12x12, 14x14 and 16x16 puzzles to choose from and you can actually print the puzzle!
Sudoku is one of my favorite games ever and I'm so happy it's also available here! It has Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert levels and you can also print out the puzzle! :)
There's also the Letter Scramble, where you type as many words as you can from the letters until time runs out!

If you're also like me who enjoys playing games online and fun games like what I played and wrote here on my blog, then check out Solitaire.Org! There's a lot of choices, you'll never ran out of options!

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