My 10th Year in Blogging

I started blogging in the year 2011 when my daughter was barely a year old. I wrote about my journey on being a first time mom and breastfeeding. I was also still working in the corporate world at that time. My blog was my diary and sounding board for the first few years. It was mainly about my breastfeeding journey as support groups and mommy tribes weren't a thing much then. I remember going to weekly breastfeeding support group in Mothercare in Greenbelt 3! I can't remember how I found that group! I was also active in Twitter at that time where it has led me to meet other moms!

As I got pregnant again and my children grew, my blog's topics widen as well. I grew as a person, wife and parent as well. My blog exposed me to a lot of things: parenting styles, school curriculums, kids activities and more! I also share our travel adventures, my kitchen attempts, budget finds and most of all I am grateful to all the brands and PR and ad companies that I have worked with. I didn't think it was possible because I only have a small following. 

Because life got a little busy for the past few years, I blogged less and less but kept my domain and hosting thinking I will eventually come back to blogging. And I hope this will be it! With all that's happening in the world and in my life right now. I need to come back to this outlet of mine. :) And while I was on hiatus, I started an IG skincare blog. I got so obsessed about kdrama and kbeauty that I started my little skincare diary on IG, @glowbycai. It has been 4 years since I started @glowbycai and I've been enjoying doing all the skincare reviews and thankful for all the opportunities I had to work with local and international brands! I've been thinking of putting some of my content here so it's easier to look for it than scrolling down my 800+ photos! Right?

With how social media grew throughout the years, almost everybody has their own social media account: Instagram, Youtube Channel and/or TikTok! With all the new breed of social media "influencers", it is  pushing bloggers like us to adapt to these changes. I saw a lot of bloggers and influencers go through branding. Revisiting your niche and your why's is something we could all do when we meet a few bumps in our blogging life. I've always wanted to do branding for blog but just didn't have the time. Maybe soon. I did, however, changed the layout of my blog by myself. And I was pretty happy and proud of the result. Will I ever make a YT channel or a TikTok account (contemplating on this)? I'm very awkward in front of a camera, so the most I can do for now is IG stories and IG TV. Need to improve my editing skills for sure!

Blogging 10 years ago was much simpler, you write your thoughts, include photos and that's it. Today, it's much more challenging with younger influencers being more creative and aesthetic is a very much important. But that doesn't have to discourage us from continuing our love for blogging, we can always adapt and change and learn new things. Explore different photography, writing style, editing apps to improve our skills. We can always practice and learn new tricks. Push on to a better us!

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