Scott's DHA Gummies is A&D Kid-Approved!

Both my kids are now in big school. R is Kinder 1 while Y is Grade 1 already. Y's school hours are now longer, she's in in school from 6:30AM until 3:50PM! We're up by 5:30AM, in school by 6:30AM and school officially starts at 7:15AM. She's in school for 10 hours and she would come home tired but still wants to play. She had a hard time adjusting the first few weeks, she would fell asleep at 7PM and I would feel frustrated because she hasn't eaten dinner yet or we haven't started doing her assignments. It took us two weeks until she was full adjusted to her new routine. R on the other hand had a little adjustment only. Since his school is until 11:10AM only, we would go home, have lunch, do his assignments which is not a lot, and he gets to nap and play. With all the things that they're taught in school, I really wonder if their brain can really process and absorb all of it.
Scott's KidDiscovery was a nice break for R from school. 

The launch of Scott's DHA Gummies couldn't have come in a better time! Kids need all the DHA they can get! Last August 5, R and I got invited to Scott's KidDiscovery Submarine at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center. We were introduced to Scott's DHA Gummies and R got to try DHA Gummies and it was love at first bite. Haha! My kids love the Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles, there's no doubt they will love the gummies too!
A child's brain is 90% developed by the age of 6. Therefore it's crucial for children to take DHA in their early years to help their brain development. DHA can be found in salmon, tuna, etc. Since my kids aren't fan of any kinds of fish, Scott's DHA Gummies are the perfect supplement to their diet.

At the event, there were four stations. Each station had an activity which can stimulates their mental and creative skills. There's a sandbox, an arts and crafts table, VR station, and puzzle solving on a big "tablet". Kids enjoyed each one of them, my little man stayed at the sandbox the longest.
DHA is an important building block of the brain! Scott's DHA Gummies is a rich source of DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which is an essential fatty acid for healthy brain development and normal brain growth in children. It's available in strawberry and orange flavors. Scott's DHA Gummies also contains Vitamin D which supports healthy growth and development of our children's bones.
Scott's DHA Gummies provides 15% of the recommended intake of DHA+EPA per daily serving of 3 gummies, based on the guidelines from WHO and FAO. Scott's DHA Gummies are a bit harder to chew than the Scott's Vitamin C Pastille. They're recommended to be taken by kids 3 years old and above. Adults can take them too actually, I eat them too! Haha!

I never really had problems or difficulties when giving medicine or vitamins to my kids. But if you are, I think Scott's DHA Gummies will be one of the easiest vitamins to give your kids without us prodding them to take it. Each gummy is microencapsulated with a patented technology that locks in the goodness of fish oil!

I usually pack them with my kids lunch baon and the gummies their treat! I love that it's a multitasking little treat: candy + DHA. It's win-win game!

Scott's DHA Gummies is A&D Kid-Approved! My kids will even tell me it's time for their gummies! I'm so happy that Scott's came out with these. Scott's is certainly my kids' favorite vitamins!
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