Go On With GOO.N Diapers! Now in the Philippines!

I've had my fair share of diaper mishaps and accidents with my kids when they were babies. Y's skin was sensitive, she would get a diaper rash so fast, while R would sleep through a diaper full of pee or poo. Oh the horror! All those years of changing diapers and buying different brands every month, I've learned my lesson well. When it comes to diapers, this is my two cents: look for a diaper that has a good quality and provides comfort for you babies. Quality means no leaking diapers, no accidents and that leads to comfort which means uninterrupted play, sleep, and feeding for your little ones. GOO.N Diapers got these two qualities (and more!) down pat and it is now available in the Philippines!
GOO.N Diapers is a leading diaper brand in Japan and it's is now in the Philippines and is distributed through One-Stop Distribution Inc (ODI). GOO.N Diapers have ultra absorbent core and super soft, dry and breathable outer sheets wick moisture away. It gives the best diaper technology and also offer the best comfort for babies!
Super cute setup with Philux furnitures!
“Japan is known for its cutting-edge technology when it comes to their products, and diapers are no exception. We are thrilled to bring GOO.N Diapers to the Philippine market. Its affordable price points will make sure that we can bring these superior-quality diapers closer to Filipino families, so infants and toddlers can enjoy the best of their surroundings, while parents relish in quality time without worrying about their babies’ comfort.” says Jesse Ho-Maxwell, President of One-Stop Distribution, Inc.

During the launch, a diaper test was conducted to show how absorbent GOO.N diaper is compared to other leading diaper brands in the Philippines. Three diapers (including GOO.N) were soaked in purple water and it showed that GOO.N is the most absorbent. I touched the diapers and GOO.N was almost dry! Galing!
The diaper has a wetness indicator. As you can see above,  there's a line in the middle, the unused one's is yellow while the wet one's indicator changed color.
I touched and felt this diaper. It was dry!
(Left to Right) Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez and Jessica Kienle-Maxwell, GOO.N Diapers’ newest brand ambassadors, and Amber Folkman with her son, Wells, shared their life as new moms, diaper stories and why they love GOO.N!  

GOO.N has two kinds of diapers: GOO.N Premium (premium) and GOO.N Friend (economy) and both has the pants and tape variants . Pull-up pants are the bomb! Back when my kids were little, if I remember it right, there's only one brand that has a pull-up pants and I didn't buy it because I found it expensive. Not that I am kuripot but I just don't like the quality. Imagine changing a super active R while he's standing up! It's a challenge to put a tape kind of diaper on a standing baby! Thank God talaga there's more options nowadays. GOO.N has baby wipes in different variants as well! 

Super cute Doraemon packaging! Even the diaper has Doraemon print on it.
As of writing, R doesn't wear diapers anymore. (Huhu! Big boy na talaga!) He was still using diapers when I attended the event and a few days after the GOO.N launch, he declared that he's not a baby anymore and doesn't need to wear diaper at night na (although we had a few accidents), he was so proud he's not wearing diapers anymore! I am more proud of him! BUT because I wanted to test GOO.N for ourselves, I made him wear a diaper when we went out last week (haha!). We were at the mall the whole afternoon and he drank a lot of water.  I was really impressed ha,  no leaks, diaper stayed put and he was running around all afternoon!
We're loving their baby wipes too! 
They gave us this diaper caddy where you can organize your diapers, wipes and other baby products. So useful especially for new moms. :)   
 Super cute wipes container!

I'm really happy when I see new brands and products for babies because that means more options too for new moms and more options for me to give as gifts and recommendations to my mom-to-be friends! We are a very lucky generations of moms, don't you think?

For more information, visit @GoonDiaperPH on Facebook and @goonphilippines on Instagram.

GOO.N Diapers are available in SM Hypermarket, Rustans, Robinsons, Lazada, Makati Supermarket, Pioneer, Unimart, Rose Pharmacy, Generica, Puregold (Duty Free), Landers, Baby Company, Fishermall. Alfamart, Cash and Carry, Alturas, and others, and comes in different sizes from Newborn to XXXL. SRP: GOO.N Premium Tape/Pant Super Jumbo - Php 680.00 and Jumbo - Php 420.00 and GOO.N Friend Tape Super Jumbo - Php 439.00, Jumbo - Php 229.00, Regular - Php 79.00

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