Weekend with the Girls: Ate Our Way Through Hong Kong!

Last March, I traveled with my high school barkada for the very first time. First time in our 20+ years of friendship! It's one of the those spontaneous moments and the next thing we know, we're all booked and ready to go! I almost didn't make it to this trip because I didn't realize that my passport was already expired until about a week before our trip!!! Epic fail talaga! Mind you, our flight was booked last January pa! One night, maybe around first week of March,  I was taking a bath, shampooing my hair when I thought to ask BOS to check my passport if it's still valid. EXPIRED NA! Expired for 6 months na. OMG talaga! Parang lahat ng dugo ko pumunta sa ulo ko! I told my barkada about it and I was apologizing na baka hindi ako makasama!!!  I really wasn't expecting my passport to come out on time, I didn't pack pa because I didn't want to be disappointed.  Hay grabe, that was such a stressful week! Thank God for a friend who helped me get an appointment ASAP and I got my passport two days before our trip. Thank you talaga!!!
One of my barkada, Clarissa, is getting married on September and this was sort of a very early send-off/bachelorette party. Our goal was to eat, bond, eat, drink, sleep. Repeat for 3 days! No kids, no boyfriends, no husbands for 3 days. Woohoo!

It was my first time to stay in TST. I've been staying in Causeway Bay for as long as I can remember. It was a good change because I was looking into staying here too for our family trip on October and I need to know where are the good restaurants are, the MTR stations, bus stops, etc.
We stayed in Marco Polo Prince. Big room and beds!

We ate where our feet led us to. We followed Cindy's lead because she's the one who knows where the good food are in TST. We pooled money for our food so we don't have to split our bill every time we ate.

Chinese Kitchen Taiwan Beef Noodle
I thought they are serving Taiwanese cuisine based on the restaurant's name but they're not! They roast duck is really good! Everything was yummy or baka gutom lang kami haha!

Mak's Noodle
I was the one who wanted to try Mak's Noodle but I was disappointed. It's 42 HKD for a small bowl of Wanton Noodles. Inhaled it in 10 minutes. Not sulit!

After walking around Harbor City, we had a night cap at Aqua Spirit. We had three bottles of wine... we ordered the cheapest one on their menu. It was 699 HKD. Kaloka!!! Hahaha! Takip mata na lang kami, we were there to enjoy ourselves naman. 
Of course we have to take photos for IG purposes hihi! A for effort lang!
It has been a really long time since I had a drink with these girls and I don't have to worry about driving home because we just walked back to the hotel!

On our second day, we went to Central. Window shopping lang and had high tea at Cova. I had one of the best Tiramisu I've ever tasted. They have a high tea buffet but the selection was not as good as the one in Harbor City so we just had their set and ordered Tiramisu and Lobster Sandwich.

Street Food
After Cova, we went back to TST and Jacq wanted to check out Etude House. Hindi ko na alam which area we were in TST. Maybe Granville? Haha! After shopping, we had our street food fix on in an alley beside Cotton On.

Ka Ka Lok Fastfood Shop
And as if we weren't full from all the street food we ate, we had a late night run to Ka Ka Lok for some fried chicken and sausages and 7-11 for some beer! Fried chicken with beer, so bad yet so good! It's all take away so we ate it in the hotel.

Le Cafe de Joel Robuchon
Our 3D2N trip went by so fast! The most memorable and yummy (and most expensive haha!) food we had was at the Le Cafe de Joel Robuchon. Lahat masarap! Sorry not a food blogger talaga, I just enjoy food! Basta masarap siya for me.
So good that we finished everything! Worth every Hong Kong cent! Heehe!

This trip was one for the books! Thank you girls for the wonderful weekend! I hope there will be a repeat... but I can't promise it to be yearly hahaha! I'm sure BOS was relieved when I came home na!

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