My BeautyMNL Shopping Experience

One of the best inventions their is to mankind is online shopping! It has been a life saver during my breastfeeding/zombie mama days, Christmas shopping and for last minute dress shopping for parties! And lately, I've been shopping for beauty products online and my latest beauty loot was from BeautyMNL.

I've always thought BeautyMNL only has local beauty brands, I was surprised to see a lot of big brands and even K-Beauty and Japanese brands that I've been looking for are also available at BeautyMNL and are even cheaper from other websites. There's also some products that are mom-kid friendly. I was impressed! I spent one night (after the kids are asleep) browsing through the website and found myself adding product after product to my wishlist and cart. Here's some of the brands and products I was looking at:
Leaders is the first brand of face masks I've tried and I love it. I was surprised on how affordable it is! I'm so happy I can buy it online.
Leyende is one of the first local beauty brand I discovered a long time ago at a bazaar. I've forgotten about them until I saw it again here on BeautyMNL!
I've been a lot of nice reviews about Celeteque and lately I've been having back acne (TMI, sorry!) and I'm looking into buying that Back Acne Spray!
And in search for more K-Beauty brands, I want to COSRX! But the ones I want are sold out. Huhu!
 Including this One Step Pimple Clear Pad!
And of course for anti-aging, I heard Benton is good brand too! Hindi lang ako maka-decide which to get!

Shopping at BeautyMNL is a breeze. Each product has a complete description plus it also has reviews from BeautyMNL shoppers which I find very helpful.
I'm eyeing on buying this COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol when I finish my bottles of toner. Even in its regular price, it's cheaper from another website I shop from.
I like that there's actual reviews, it gives me another option from blog reviews!
 And after deciding on what to get, just add items to your cart. They have a fixed delivery charge of Php50 and if you buy Php2,000 worth of products, delivery charge is free!
When you're done shopping, just checkout your items. There's four ways on how to pay for your purchases, pick one and you're good to go! My package arrived the next day after I paid. Each product was bubble wrapped (good because they're shipped a plastic pouch) which is a plus in my book even though two of the products I bought were in plastic bottles.
My BeautyMNL loot: Celeteque Back Acne Spray Solution (which is very effective, slow but with good results!), Beach Born Seal Salt Spray for my kulot (achieve and beachy look!), Baroness Bee Venom Mask Sheet (there's no mask sheet yet that I don't like), and Leyende Beach Bomb Cologne (when I miss the beach, I spray this on, so bangooo!)

Shop na today at BeautyMNL for your beauty and skin needs! Malay niyo, manalo kayo ng trip to Tokyo!
Raffle mechanics can be found here!

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