A&D's Journey to Fitness: The Road to Losing Weight and Getting Fit

Here I am again in this losing weight and try to get fit challenge... It's been two year since I told myself I want to get back in shape, not really go back to my pre-pregnancy weight but to get fit and stronger, the losing weight (and abs, ASA PA AKO hahaha!) part will be just a bonus. Fast forward today, ano na teh? Haha! It's been two months since I've subscribed to a diet food delivery and a month since starting pilates. How do I kept on going? Read on!

Pero mag kwento muna ako... My clothes were starting to feel tighter and snug during the summer. Sh*t! I don't want to size up and buy new clothes again!!! My husband knows that food is the way to my heart and stress. Kahit na ilan beses ko pa sabihin na ayaw ko tumaba! He loves me no matter what size I come in. LOLz. I knew that but I want to become a better version of me. When it comes to exercise and eating healthy, I really do get bored easily. Parang the max amount of time I can to eat healthy is two weeks then I would get sawa (and I don't see results kasi! Impatient monkey naman ako!) and go back to my usual food. As for exercise, I also get bored easily. Sa totoo lang, when I heard that exercise gives you happy endorphins, I never understood that because I never felt it even being at the gym for an hour. All I felt was exhaustion and I was too tired to do anything else when I get home and that feeling made lazy and not look forward to going to the gym, ganon ako. And who likes that feeling diba? Kaya I always go back to square one. UGH. I hate the feeling of seeing other people, my friends going to the gym and getting stronger and I was getting fat and eating my emotions instead of motivating myself to be better.

What worked for me? I am no expert ha. This is all based on the last 2 months.
1. I subscribed to diet food delivery. It may be expensive but I know me, I know I won't be able to make my own food. I am a very busy mom with no helper. Having food delivered to me saves me A LOT of time and I only cook or buy food enough for my husband and kids.

When I crave for something, do I give in? Yes, but it depends on my mood din. If I really want to it, I will give in but will eat it in moderation. But if okay lang kahit wala, dinadaan ko na lang sa tubig. Water makes my cravings go away. So drink lots of water! But on weekends, I allow myself to indulge on food, baka maloka na ako pag hindi ko makain mga gusto ko. Trying to snack healthier too! 
Eating and cooking healthy food can be a task. I'm happy I subscribed to Fitness Gourmet :)
Healthier snack alternative! Chicharooms and Veggie Chips! Looking for more healthier snacks like this? Any recommendations?

2. Find a form of exercise you like and stick to it. I've been looking for a workout that I will really like and stick to it. I've been to a gym, tried working out at home but somehow I feelI'm glad I attended a reformer pilates class with Jackie, Michelle and Chessy at OneLife Studio last month. Nagkayayaan lang and I'm so happy I went because I've been going twice a week for a month na! And loving it. I realized how much having pilates buddies and a workout place with super nice teachers and staff gives me motivation and look forward to my next pilates session. Now I understood na the happy endorphins with pilates!
Smile pa din kahit masakit! Loving every session!

3. Time, commitment and willingness.
Make time to exercise at least twice a week. Commitment not only to your workout but also to your diet and last is willingness. I've tried and failed on my diet and exercise so many times because I lack willingness and commitment. And all of these go back to number 2, I found happiness in pilates and that happiness fuels my commitment! Bow.
To date, I have lost 4.7kgs in two months. I haven't weighed myself again because I've been cheating on my diet food haha! I took a photo of myself (and tummy) during summer and last week I decided to take the same photo to "see" if I was having progress, and I was surprised to see how my tummy have shrunk, malaki pa din siya ah! But I see progress and that's what matters! Abs, magkikita din tayo!

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