Y's First Out of the Country Trip: Hong Kong!

It was a totally unplanned surprise and trip!

Back story muna because I am beyond grateful that I was able to take this trip with Y. My achi wanted to take my niece to Disneyland and she asked me if I wanted to go too and take Y, but I said we were a bit on a tight budget so she offered to take Y with her. Yay I was so happy with my achi's offer so I started to think what do I need to prepare (travel clearance, passport, etc.) then after a few days, in our family group chat, achi told me to book our tickets (meaning me and Y's) because my mom was treating us! Naawa ata mom ko sakin haha! Thanks mommy! You made me and Y so happpyyyyy! So it was Hong Kong bound for us last October!
It's both their first time in Hong Kong! I'm so happy they got to share this trip together. They are the best cousins!

Y was clueless about our trip because I didn't tell her until the eve of our departure. Heehee! I wanted to surprise her and she was surprised and super excited to be with her cousin and of course meet Elsa and Anna! And she was able to sleep soundly pa din because when I was a kid, I couldn't sleep the night the before a trip because of too much excitement! Haha! We had an early flight so I woke up Y at around 5AM and she was asking why it was still so dark outside! Medyo clueless pa din siya but it was so cute!
First time to ride an airplane! I think I was more excited than her. Haha! It was sort of a mother-daughter bonding trip too!

We arrived in Hong Kong around 9AM, immigration and luggage claim was fast. We rode the Airport Express going to Hong Kong side and rode Airport Express Shuttle Bus (H2) to our hotel, The Park Lane Hong Kong.
Left: Our fashionista bakasyonistas haha! 
Right: First time on a train ever! She had a lot of firsts in this trip!

We've been staying in Park Lane ever since I was a kid and staying again for this trip brought back so much memories! And I felt like it has come full circle bringing Y to Hong Kong, staying in Park Lane, taking her to Disneyland (with us it was Ocean Park) and more!
We stayed in their newly renovated floor and our room got upgraded into a family room with two queen beds!
Love our view of the Victoria Park :)

After settling down, we called BOS and R to update them and check on how they are. We headed out to have a late lunch at Tsui Wah which was only a street away! One of my worries with this trip was what to feed Y. She's a picky eater so I brought a lot of snacks as a backup food for when she doesn't want to eat anything but it's Hong Kong! There would be noodles, asado and soy chicken everywhere and that's what she ate most of the time. Now I understood why my angkong would order asado rice for every meal when he took me to Hong Kong when I was a kid haha! I could never ever forget that!
We had our usual: Baked Porkchop Rice, Lamb Curry, and Milk Tea! Plus a bowl of fish cakes and noodles.

Since we all woke up early that day, we wanted the kids to nap so they can recharge (and so the mommies can do a little window shopping too heehee).
We went to Toys R Us at Windsor House to buy A's stroller and some Zaini Eggs then took some photos at their Halloween display!
Zaini Eggs are so much better than Kinder Eggs! I think I bought 12 boxes!

We didn't really do anything on the first day. When the kids were napping, Achi and I headed out for a quick window shopping around Fashion Walk. Window shopping lang talaga, promise! This was the first time I went to Hong Kong without really buying anything for myself. It was all toys and clothes for the kids. Iba talaga pag mommy na!
I wanted to buy another pair of Stan Smiths or maybe a Superstar but I didn't like any of what I saw.
Made a quick coffee stop at Elephant Grounds.
We went back to the hotel just in time when the kids woke up then went out again for dinner and another round of window shopping at Hysan Place.
Second day was Disneyland Day! I bought our tickets at the airport at China Travel Services. It was cheaper by 20HKD (I think, I forgot na sorry but for 3 adults and 2 kids, savings was around 80HKD). Here's a funny story: I bought a new Elsa dress which was part of my surprise for Y so she can wear it to Disneyland and since it arrived 2 days before our trip, I didn't wash it and it went straight to our luggage. When she wore it, it was so itchy! Hahaha! Good thing her cousin brought two dresses with her so we got to borrow hers.
Left: Y buying her train ticket to Disneyland. One of fondest memories of Hong Kong was my parents letting me buy my own ticket and I want her to experience that too!
Right: We're in Disneyland!!!

Traveling abroad with kids is a new thing for me. I am used to traveling with them locally and I am used to it but in Hong Kong it was very different. We didn't have any photo in the train or in front of the Disneyland sign because we were 'nagmamadali'. I don't know why haha! I felt like we were always in a hurry, wala naman humahabol samin! Haha! I guess we were too excited for the kids for the rides and experience Disneyland and want to make the most out of it!
Y hasn't rode a stroller for the longest time but I borrowed one for this trip because everyone was telling me I must bring one. Yes it made my life easier but it such a hassle to bring it everywhere! Next time, we'll just rent a stroller na lang. I only got to use the stroller in the airport and in Disneyland. Besides, Y is 5 na din!

My friend told me to be at the park before it opens but you know it's really hard to be on schedule when kids are in tow. We arrived around 10:30AM which was still a good time to be at the park because there was still no lines at the rides. We rode as many rides as we can! It's really the happiest place on earth! I had so much fun but nothing can really beat the feeling when you see your child's face lights up when she sees her favorite Disney characters or she's simply having so much fun!

I couldn't have asked for more. It was the perfect trip and she was with her best cousin!
Posing outside It's a Small World ride and riding the space rockets in Tomorrowland!
One of my favorite shows is The Lion King. Great production!
Then we watched the parade in the afternoon but didn't catch the parade that night because we were just too tired! Haha!
More treats for Y! 

But the best part and highlight of the trip was meeting the Disney Princesses. I would have wanted for them to meet all of the princess but it was already late afternoon and there was a cut-off for the lines for the meet and greet of the princesses so they only got to meet three but it was all worth it because they met their favorite Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!
Here they were chatting with Princess Aurora. Even I felt like I was a kid again!
I have to thank my BIL for lining up for us for Elsa and Anna. I got teary-eyed when I saw them hugged Elsa and Anna. Dream come true for both mommies and kiddies! Haha!
The last ride we rode was the Slinky Dog ride at Toy Story Land. I would have wanted to do more rides but the kids were low batt na and so was the parentals. We did a little shopping at the gift shop before taking a taxi back to the hotel.

We ended our Disneyland trip with shopping at the gift shop and I shopped a lot more than I planned. I wanted to buy everything in the gift shop! And I felt bad I wasn't able to bring R with me so I shopped a lot for him too. Haha!

Most of the things we planned to do except for Disneyland didn't push thru. We didn't get to ride the ferry or go to Snoopy World because we had to do a few errands for my mom and meet a relative. But we still got to visit the Hong Kong Science Museum! Getting there thru MTR was easy but there was a lot of walking before you get to the museum.

The museum is massive! Entrance fee is only 25HKD which is about Php150 when you convert it. If you have the time, you must visit HKSM. It's really worth the trip! Being not so much of a science fan, I was able to enjoy our quick trip and learn something new at the museum. Y enjoyed the interactive booths especially at the Children's Gallery on the 3rd floor.
"Hello, it's me..."
Y kept on going back to the one on the left. 

After the museum, we went to Harbour City/Ocean Terminal for a quick shopping and dinner. Sa totoo lang, I forgot na where we eat. Haha! What I remember is we always end up staying in the hotel, ordering take-away or my sister asking my BIL to buy food for us and just eat it in the hotel.
Traveling and eating in a foreign county is new to us. It's either we're a little bit stressed or tired so we just opt to stay-in and buy food. We make sure to buy bread from Maxim's and fresh milk so we'll have something to munch on in the hotel. I also brought cereals for Y.

I was only able to do a little shopping on our 4th and last day! My sister and I went on our separate ways and just meet again in the hotel after lunch. It was a Sunday and OMG! the streets were full of people! It was getting around with a kid in tow. I tried looking for Ichiran because I wanted to try it but the line was too long so we just ate in another ramen restaurant.
Bake Cheese Tart! Tastes like Lord Stow's Egg Tart but yummier!

Our 4-day Hong Kong trip came to an end. It was bittersweet but we miss BOS and R already! R would always cry when we would video chat with them. Poor boy but I was happy to be home because I wanted to give him his pasalubongs!
It was a memorable trip for Y! I think she loves every minute of it. Goodbye, Hong Kong! We'll see you again really really soon!

BOS and I are working hard so we can take the kids to Japan! And if we do, it will be our family's first out of the country trip! I need more tips on how to handle kids when in a foreign country! Please do share yours. :)

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