Holidays and Renovations

Oh what fun is to... have renovations this December! We're currently squatting at my mom's house and it's getting really chaotic with all of our stuff and Christmas gifts scattered all around the house. I'm hoping (really really hoping) we can move back before New Year s my mom can have her peace and quiet back. Heehee!
I can't wait for our renovations to be done!

The renovation started in the middle of Y's exam week which made it a challenge when it comes to review time, I have to go up and down from our house to my moms for reviewer printing to reviewing Y. I did what I can and hope Y did her best. And with all the renovations and exams, it was also Christmas in Common Room! I had to restock three times in two weeks! I didn't complain because busy means blessing!
A rare peaceful time at Common Room during the busy Christmas rush!
Wrappers for all season! I'm not sure though if these are still available.
Each of the partners in Common Room made a dreamcatcher or two or three. I made one lang hehe! I used scrap baker's twine, paper straws and jute twine and added a few little  balls I have at home. At first I didn't want to make one at all because I'm not really a crafty plus with all the holiday hullabaloo going on, I wasn't sure I was going to finish it but I did!
Mine looks like an art project beside the other dreamcatchers haha but I love it anyway! My sister told me it looked like the sawa firecracker! Haha kainis! It's up for sale by the way, if any of you wants to buy it. :)

Then Christmas get-togethers started as early as first week of December and it got busier as it nears Christmas. Good thing I finished gift shopping as early as November!
First Christmas dinner was with the titas! We planned it earlier because we all knew we will be busy with our families. We had a lovely dinner at Raffaele at The Bayleaf in Intramuros, prepared by Eli's brother Chef Carlo Santiago. You can read all about our dinner over at My Mom Friday's!
It was a super fun night! We brought our glass (2 for me haha) of wine to the roof deck to continue the fun and more chikahan!
Then a potluck Christmas dinner with my college barkada.
Angus Beef Belly from H Cuisine, Baked Salmon and Iberian Chicken from Mama Chows!

And when it's the holidays, the eating never stops! I have to thank some friends who sent food and made their home our pick up point for some lechon belly! Yum!
Lotsa' Pizza's Bibingka Pizza was surprisingly good!
Then there's Manila Belly! I have no photo of the lechon belly itself haha! But that Truffle Lechon Belly was sooo good! You must order this for every special occasion!

Later New Year's Eve dinner naman! Oh I can't believe 2015 is coming to an end! It was a great year and I'm looking forward to 2016 and moving back to our home! Heehee!

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