Indoor Greens Workshop By The Green House Project

Earlier last month, Chessy, Kaye and I joined an Indoor Greens (or Dish Garden) Workshop by The Green House Project over at SM City North EDSA's Interior Zone.
I've always wanted to have a home garden but with my busy schedule, a home garden is a bit too ambitious for me and our home and I don't even think I can sustain it. I've "tried" taking care of a few plants and succulents but they all died. I am guessing I don't have a green thumb as well. Hahahaha! But that won't stop me from learning and trying again so when Karen of The Green House Project was looking for bloggers for their indoor plant workshop, I immediately signed up and invited more blogger mommas!
Karen is heaven sent! She guided us step-by-step through the workshop and answered all of the questions we asked and I think I may have found a new hobby. I never knew making a dish garden can be so therapeutic! 
Here's Karen explaining to us what's inside our kit.
First, we filled our dish (around 3-4 inches deep) with stones. The dish has holes underneath those stones to avoid overwatering.
Then we picked our plants of choice. Ang hirap pala pumili ha!
You can actually DIY but you have to be knowledgeable of a plant's water and sunlight requirement before putting them together in a dish garden.
Then put an inch of garden soil on top of the stones before putting the plants inside the dish and fill it again with more garden soil. Karen told us to make it packed! Siksik dapat!

What I love about indoor greens is they are easy to maintain and more sustainable for me. They only need minimal sunlight and watering it once a week is okay. And so after arranging and rearranging the plants, putting more soil and adding finishing touches with decorative stones and pieces, here's my dish garden!
Tadaaah! I was pretty happy with how my dish garden turned out!
And my dish garden won me a prize! Wooot!!! :) My future ata ako sa gardening. Charrrr! Hahaha!
I was able to take home more plants with me so I made more mini dish gardens. I gave the one I made, as a welcome gift, to my achi who just moved in to their new house. And the two are still well and alive. Whew hahaha!

While I wish I can make more dish gardens by myself and give it away to friends for Christmas, I don't have the time so why not just buy from The Greenhouse Project! Heehee! They make the perfect Christmas gift!
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The Green House Project

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