Solique By Girlstuff: The Newest and Safest Gel Polish in the Metro!

I like getting my nails done especially my toe nails because they make your feet look nicer when wearing open toe shoes, sandals or thongs. Diba? I also like having fingernails done but I cook and sometimes wash clothes and it always get chipped lang so I only get them when I have to attend a party. Then gel nail polishes came out, I tried it once, I was amazed by it and I liked it but found it not practical to go back to the nail salon where you got it just to have them removed it plus there were studies that came out that they're actually harmful. Eeeeep! But you don't have to worry about all those with Girlstuff Forever's newest gel polish line, Solique by Girlstuff!
Solique Magnique! Just like any Girlstuff nail polish, it's also 5-Free! Free from five harmful chemicals: toulene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin and camphor. It's safe for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding mommas. It's safe for all!

Two weeks ago, I went to the launch of Solique by Girlstuff at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club. Upon entering the place, there were different stations that I went around before having my nails painted with Solique!
First we pick a ring we fancy...
Then pick a scarf at TSG Clothing Co., here's Tara helping me decide which one to get.
Then I had a mini-makeover at the Benefit station...
And finally had my nails done! Yay!

Solique by Girstuff comes in six shades and a special top coat for Solique. What's so great about this 2-step system is the polish dries naturally under light (no need for artificial UV light!) and it dries really fast! It's also very affordable. Solique Gel Polish costs Php180 while the Solique Gel Top Coat costs Php200!
 Left: Baby Blues
Right: Hush
 Left: Just a Fantasy
Right: Midnight Dreams
 Left: Manila Girl
Right: Love Me Like You Do
Nice noh? It's very easy to apply! Just follow these steps:
1. Make sure nails are clean and free of oil and lotion.

2. Do not use a base coat. 

3. Apply a coat of your desired SOLIQUE Gel Polish Color. Allow to dry for a minute.

4. Apply a second coating the same shade. Allow to dry for a minute.
5. Apply 1 coat of SOLIQUE Top Coat. 
6. Cure polish under sunlight for about 2 minutes or allow to dry in natural room light.
To remove, just use any nail polish remover!

After going through all the stations, there was a short program where Janina Gutierrez-Tan told us more about Solique. They also held a raffle for the bloggers who attended and I won 2 prizes. Yay! I rarely win these raffles then I won two! Must be my lucky day! Dapat ata tumaya ako sa lotto nun! Heehee!
Congrats again Ms. Janina for your new line of gel polish! And thank you Nikki for inviting me again!
I won Php1,000 Girlstuff GCs! More nail polishes for us, Y! Heehee!
And a Keeping It Together bag organizer! Perfect for our upcoming trip later this month! Thank KIT!

If you're still wondering how Solique Gel Polish works, here's a video (that we also watched during the launch):
Get your Solique by Girlstuff at this following kiosks:
Girlstuff Mall of Asia (2nd Floor near cinema)
Girlstuff SM North Main Building (Ground Floor, in front of Bayo)
Girlstuff SM Megamall (4th Floor Bridgeway, infront of Dads/Saisaki Buffet)
Girlstuff SM San Lazaro (2nd Floor)
Girlstuff Ayala Mall, Cebu (2nd Floor Paseo Ciudad)
Glorietta 2 (2nd Floor, in front of Landmark entrance)
Girlstuff is also available at the following outlets:
SM Department Store - Children's Accessories 
Rustan's Department Store - Children's Accessories

For more information on Girlstuff Forever, check out their website

Follow and like their social media accounts:
Instagram: @girlstufforever

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