First Quarter, Report Card Grades and PTC

When my cousins and a friend's daughter found out I enrolled Y at her school, their first reaction was "Good luck Achi/Auntie!" Haha! That should scare me right? My cousins graduated from the same school and my friend's daughter is still in Junior High.

I knew about the school's reputation on how hard their Chinese curriculum is but it's one of the reasons why I chose this school. Nursery went by and Y had a fun year. Y now is in Kindergarten 1 and when I saw their quarterly syllabus, I was shocked because it was what I studied when I was in Grade 1 (14 years ago, haha!). I remember my Kindergarten days were all play, sing and dance lang with minimal studying pero iba na pala ngayon! So ito na nga, kelangan ko pala talaga ng luck at mahaba-habang pasensya. I refuse to hire a tutor for Y because their Chinese lessons are still easy and I can still handle teaching Y. I was talking to another co-parent and we both agreed that we never expect that with our daughters only in Kindergarten, it would be this competitive! The mommas feel the pressure! 

Eto na... First quarter exams came. It was the longest two weeks of my life because there's oral then written exam. We studied and studied and I was happy when her test results finally came out. Kebs naman siya sa grades. I think the parents were more nervous and anxious than the kids. Then report card distribution came. Honestly ha, I wanted Y to have honors but I wasn't expecting naman. Her average was 0.06 shy from her getting a Bronze Merit Award. Naturally, I felt sayang, konting konti na lang talaga diba? But I don't want to be a Tiger Mom or a Helicopter Parent, her grades speak for itself. I don't want to pressure her this young. Sabi nga ni BOS: "Hindi nakakain ang honors". Bow! I am more than happy with her grades and how she is loving school. She enjoys school, loves answering worksheets and activity books, she also loves drawing but she hates writing especially if I make her write in Chinese. Haha!

A day after report card distribution was PTC. I already knew what the teachers were going to say: Y is talkative. Haha! Other than that, everything was positive. We just need to work on a few things. I hope it will stay that way until she graduates haha! I also got to meet and chat with some of the moms of Y's classmates. Topics went from how our child's behavior in class to K12 to how boys behave differently and how they're more immature than girls to which I told them why I didn't enroll R who's 3-years old, to school yet this year. He made it to the cut-off, as in super exact, he turned three just a few days before school started this year but decided to enroll him next year na lang because I think R is not ready yet to which this mom answered "Mag mamature din naman yan pag pumasok na, siyempre kelangan niya sumabay kaya hahabol yan." "Alam mo sayang yung one year, malelate siya mag-graduate. Parang ganon. She told me how her son skipped nursery, from toddler class to kindergarten. Kung kaya ng anak niya, that's great! But for me talaga, hindi pa ready si R. Then I asked one question lang, because she mentioned that her other son was in Grade 10, if it wasn't for K12, her son would graduate high school this year. I asked her "If your son is to take any college entrance exams now, would he know what course he would like to take?". She answered "No". I hope by the time Y is in Junior High, may Grade 11 and 12 na nun, I hope I have guided her well that she knows what to take in college.

Ang pray ko lang is for patience. When their studies get harder, I hope I don't turn into a Tiger Mom. Haha!

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