For All You Craft Lovers, Common Room Is Now Open!

If you're new to this blog or if you don't know yet, I own Paper Chic Studio, a party and craft supplies shop. When I started Paper Chic Studio, Y and R were still little and BOS was still helping me out with all the bazaars and managing the shop. But when Y started going to school and BOS went back to work, my schedule suddenly changed. My focus was all on Y because I take her to school then also wait for her to finish and by the time we get home, I feel so tired that I've neglected Paper Chic Studio. I can't join bazaars and pop-ups because ingress time would always early. 
A lot of my friends have been asking if I am still selling, some are telling me not to let go of Paper Chic, I was not but I didn't really had the time (and I got a little bit of lazy!) until last June when Roma of Popjunklove sent me a message asking if I wanted to be a part of a new concept store they were putting up. Truth to be told, I wasn't sure at first but I told myself if I let another opportunity pass by and not grab it, I might regret it later on. So my last two weeks was super crazy, the opening weekend was the same week as Y's first quarter exam. I was in between reviewing her, counting my inventory, shuttling myself from the house to the bodega to get stocks and I was sick! But all of it went away when I visited Common Room for the very first time for ingress.
It's one of those you-must-drop-by shops! I fell in love with the shop at first sight!
I was literally in awe when I entered the shop. The feel, the vibe, it's different. Different good. I have been in a mommy role for so long and haven't worn my entrepreneur or crafter (I don't really even consider myself one) shoes in awhile. It was really a nice feeling but also because I only know a few of the makers, nahihiya pa ako. Haha! Then a week later after ingress, we had an intimate get together a day before the opening weekend for the blessing of Common Room and small salu-salo to get to know the faces/owners behind the 34 brands in Common Room.
Say hello to my Common Room family! I may not know everyone yet but I am excited to get to know everyone! Thank you Kaye for dropping by!

I went back the next day again with Cat to help out with the shop. And to take pictures because I forgot to put the SD card back the night before. Toink! Then I was able to try Equatorial Coffee which was right beside Common Room! Heehee! I now have a new hang out place!
From left to right: Me, Geli of Pluma, Marvz of Habil Crafts, Cat of Bedazzle Accessories, and Maan of Popjunklove! We don our Common Room aprons whenever we are at the shop! So please do say hi if you see me!

Let me give you a little tour to the shop and the brands Common Room houses! Some of the stuff in the photo may or may not be already sold.
Welcome to Common Room!
Left to right: Throw pillows from Popjunklove, Takas from Takatak Project, Crochet accessories from Nikita, and home accessories from Raw.tura!
Left to right: Succulents and cactus from The Green House Project, leather goods by Bags by Rubbertree, resin art by Kartwheel Creations and stamps and pillows from SQooiD.
Left to right: Pinoy comics from Meganon Comics, assorted accessories from Bedazzle Accessories, moss art and more from Habil Crafts, aprons and other cute little things from Milk Collective!
Left to right: Scents and fragrances by Simoy ng Haraya, assorted knick knacks by Crafts With Soul, notebooks and badges by Ella Lama and notebooks and coffee mugs by Pluma.
Left to right: Home, kitchen and travel essentials from Tweed and Twine, typography and decorative designs you can hang or display in your home by Walloh Designs, anything with chalk and chalkboards from Chalk & Cloud and of course my shelf, pretty paper products for your crafts and parties by Paper Chic Studio!
And of course, all of these wouldn't be possible without Popjunklove! These are not the only brands, there's more but my pictures ang blurry na kasi. Sorry! But you can always check Common Room's Facebook Page!
Our opening weekend was a success! The shop was always full of people! The response was overwhelming and I couldn't be happier! I am grateful for Roma and Maan of Popjunklove. If I didn't met them two years ago, Paper Chic Studio wouldn't have been a part of Handmade Market and Common Room today!

Shop na! 
Thank you to everyone who has dropped by!

If you see any of us at Common Room, please do say hi. We don't bite. Heehee!
Please do drop by Common Room when you have the time or when you're happen to be in the area! I promise you, you won't leave Common Area without buying anything! Here's a map to Common Room! If you can't find us on Waze, just search for Salt Bakery. We're right beside them! Heehee!
Common Room

#325 F.B. Dela Rosa St. Katipunan Avenue Quezon City, Philippines 
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