A&D Eats: Alab By Chef Tatung

BOS rarely requests to eat at any particular restaurant, so when he does, I oblige. He has been wanting to eat at the Chef Tatung restaurant in Taguig for the longest time then it closed its doors. So when he found out about Alab, he said we must go try it!
Food is always more enjoyable when shared with good company and great conversation and that is why we timed it when Y's Ninang G is in town! Along with our other college barkada, BOS booked their Function Room 2 (which seats 14 pax and has a consumable of Php4,000) for us because we're taking the kids and we had no yaya -- room for them to scream and run without us disturbing other people. Haha! 
BOS really made it a point to check out their menu before going to Alab and ordered everything he wanted. We also made sure to order kid-friendly dishes for Y, R, and Sid. So without further adieu, here's what we had for lunch:

Honey Lechon Php390 - A melt-in-your-mouth lechon, roasted for six hours in a bed of garlic and lemongrass. Pork was tender but nothing special.
Sisig Php220 -  One of my favorite dishes we had! Thrice-cooked minced pork! So good with rice!

Pianggang Php270 - Grilled chicken cooked in coconut milk flavored with a special Tausug spice paste made from ground fresh aromatics and burnt coconut. A Tausug classic!
Kinilaw na Isda Php280 - Fresh Tanigue chunks in coconut vinegar. My craving for kinilaw was satisfied!

Tinumok Php150 - Coconut noodles and chopped shrimp wrapped in taro leaves stewed in rich coconut cream and flavored with bagoong alamang. I would go back solely to eat this dish plus extra extra rice!

Forgot what this is called. It has grilled squid and pork.
Pancit Molo Php110 - kid-approved and we had to order one more because one wasn't enough.
We had two kinds of rice. The aligue was rice was good!

New York Cubao Cheesecake
Suman - BOS approved!

Each dish is good for 2-3 persons. While some of the dishes hit the spot, most were just okay. Maybe because it was on soft opening when we ate there?! Would we go back? I asked BOS since he's the one who requested for this restaurant, he said it was okay but he still wants to go back but not so soon maybe? I would go back for the Tinumok and the suman!

Alab is located at 67 Scout Rallos, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. For reservations please call 962-1176/ 0915-290-1001


  1. Very reasonable ang 4k consumable a

    1. Diba? Kala namin hindi kami aabot, nag-over pa kami!