No More Eczema-rama with the Zenutrients Argan Skin Salve-ation!

I love summer but I hate it when my skin eczema attacks! It's so itchy and irritating and sometimes I'm too self-conscious to wear short sleeved shirts. I've tried and tested a lot of products, some worked, some didn't and I'm willing to try anything to end my eczema-rama!

Zenutrients has come out with its newest organic magic product, the Argan Skin Salve-ation, an all-around salve which you can use from head to toe! Made from Argan oil, sunflower oil, and lavender & chamomile, it's the first time that nature's liquid gold is used in salve form!
Argan Skin Salve-ation and Softening Argan Hand & Body Lotion

I have been using the Argan Hand & Body Lotion every after bath since I bought it two weeks ago. It's light and not sticky which is just perfect for summer and the scent reminds me of maple syrup! Heehee! Tita K taught me a super neat trick to put the Argan Skin Salve-ation in the fridge so it gives that extra cool and relief on my skin. I put the salve after the lotion or for when my skin eczema attacks and I feel like I want to scratch it!
Zenutrients had a shopping party two weeks ago at its greenhouse in Kapitolyo and this is where I bought my Argan loot! Did you know that Zenutrients has over seven years of experience in creating organic beauty products? And they have over a hundred of products that can provide solution or enhancement to every skin and hair issues you have!  Zenutrients only makes use of high quality, locally sourced natural ingredients providing Filipinos with world-class products at local pricing.

You wouldn't miss this sign along Kapitolyo!
It feels like you're really in a greenhouse except there's no plants but you're surrounded with organic magic!
Shampoo and conditioner in all shapes and sizes!
Rainbow soaps!
If you like getting a massage, then Zenutrients Massage Oil is a must-buy!
They also have something for our bebes! Mild and Gentle Baby Shampoo!
Straight from our Global Academy Cooking Class to Zenutrients! (Photo from Michelle)
From left: Michelle, Me, Tita K, Angela, and Jackie
Here's my complete loot from the shopping partey! It was hard choosing which products to take home because I felt like I need everything they have! Heehee! But I chose carefully and picked what I really really need.
Hallelujah for Zenutrients!
Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner in Olive. I asked what's best to get for my colored/damaged hair and this was recommended to me! Loving it so far!
I saw Jackie got this and I just made gaya heehee! I always have acne and pimples show up when I'm about to have my period so this has been handy for the past few weeks. I used this on BOS too and it dries up his pimples! He said it's like magic ahihihi!

And Zenutrients want more people to experience organic magic, hence they created the Zenutrients 4D Challenge. Check out the mechanics below!

• Just visit any Zenutrients branch (see photo below)
• Try out the wonders of Argan Skin Salve-ation for FREE with the 4D experience
• Instantly, enjoy 10% off on your total purchase
• Post a photo of your 4D experience on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
• Tag 5 of your friends + Zenutrients
• Get an instant gift!
• If any of your tagged friends go to any booth, they will get 10% off instantly just by showing your post in which you tagged them

Don’t forget to tag Zenutrients and use the proper hashtags to get surprises!

Tag Zenutrients at:

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To know more about Zenutrients and their products, you check out!

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