It's All Fun and Play at The Fun Farm, Sta. Elena With Oreo!

I've been wanting to take the kids to The Fun Farm for the longest time but something always comes up and our trip always get cancelled. When I learned that Oreo is taking us for a field trip to Fun Farm, I was so excited and even more excited to spend a fun-filled day with the SoMoms and SoKids!
Fun Farm is just about an hour away from Manila. Just get off on Cabuyao Exit, turn right and about 500 meters, you'll see a sign going to Sta. Elena on your right and that's it! But don't forget to book your trip as they don't allow walk-ins.

When we arrived, it was just only a few of us. Y and R were both getting excited that they didn't know what to do first haha! Yaya and Y went up the tree house going to the zipline (Y didn't know what she was in for haha!), of course R wanted to go to Achi. This was both their time to do zipline and because this momma is sort of adventurous, I encouraged them to try the zipline. I had to ask Kuya a hundred times (medyo nakulitan siguro sakin si Kuya heehee) who was there that it's safe for kids specially for my 2.8 year old.
Yaya and Y
Y getting her gear on. She was a little scared and wanted to back out, I had to encourage her and give her a little push before finally stepping on the platform. 
And off she go! I made sure Yaya got to take videos. Later I found out from her Papa, that she was afraid that the rope will snap daw. Heehee! So proud of her!

Meanwhile, R need no pep talk. He was more than excited for his turn.
He looked anxious but he has always had that NR look on him.
And off he went! He went twice and no reaction haha! I'm so proud of this little boy too!

The little boy, who's on a car phase now, was also excited when he saw the tractor and the truck! Feelz na feelz lang niya! So cute!
Look at that smile! :) "Truck, broom broom!" he said.
He didn't want to leave! 

R was pretty much happy and contented with the truck and tractor and there's a lot of other fun things Fun Farm has in store for kids and kids at heart! R finally got off the tractor when I said it's time to ride the horse!
I rode the carabao with the kids. The carabao's name is Chocnut! They snacked on Oreos before riding!
We rode with these cuties, David and Noah.
After the carabao ride, it was horseback riding. They rode the horse for x number of times. R even cried at one point because he doesn't want to get off it.
Kids loved the swing!
Next activity: Fishing! Just go to Kuya and he'll put the worm to the bait.
Left: Y waited and waited but wasn't able to catch anything.
Right: Meanwhile, R caught one after a few minutes of waiting.
Then we got ride the boat. And said hi to the geese!
Hello, geese!
And it was time to feed the bunnies! All the kids were eager to do this. My little R wanted to catch and carry each of the bunny. Heehee!
Y feeding the bunnies while R held on to the bunny.
Saw these boars. They must be tired. Ang sarap ng tulog!
Say hi to the ponies which you can pet too!
So proud of achi who's not really the outdoor-sy type but she engaged in a lot of physical activities that day. R also climbed up that rope thing on the right, I had to climbed up with him. Kaloka ang pababa!
And after all those petting and physical activities, it was time for lunch! Asked the kids to wash their hands first. Fun Farm's Wash Areas are all equipped with soap and napkins! You can even wash your feet if you ever got them dirty.

Our lunch was lovingly prepared by Holy Carabao! It was the healthiest meal I've ever had. Heehee! If you didn't know, Holy Carabao is located in Sta. Elena amidst the fields of talahib and a small forest of Narra and Mahogany trees.
They are the purveyors of holistic food. They are your trustworthy source for all organic, healthy and natural goodies!
 Hindy Weber-Tantoco wrote down our menu.
Hindy Weber-Tantoco and partner Melanie Teng-Go told us more about Holy Carabao, its advocacy, what they offer and more!
Healthy and yummy lunch by Holy Carabao!
Left: Mesclun Salad with Sprouts
Right: Chicken Balls with Sweet Potato Mash
Penne with Kale and Bacon
Sugar Beets and Potato Salad
Sauteed Bananas
Fresh Dalandan/Pineapple Juice and Green Iced Tea. So refreshing!

Thank you Holy Carabao for that unforgettable lunch! Order your organic vegetables and meats only from Holy Carabao. To order, call Lhynn at 09164753211 or 09204688785.

After lunch, it was time for more play with Oreos! The YBS girls prepared games for the kids and mommas to play!
Oreos ready! And there's R playing with cars he borrowed from Connor.
Guess what Oreo flavor! 
Y joined the fun too! Stack Oreos as fast as you can!

Thank you so much Oreo for bringing our family to Fun Farm! It was a fun experience for me and kids! It's not everday that we get to escape the city to a farm, get loads of fresh air and be one with nature.
#PlayWithOreo because it's more fun with Oreos! Y loves the Strawberry Creme Oreos because it's pink! Heehee!
The whole Oreo gang!

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  1. R's so lucky he caught a fish! Galing! I was so impatient we left the fishing area after just a minute haha! :-)

    1. Lucky talaga! The fishies were probably full from all of us trying to catch them haha!