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I've heard someone said this and I totally agree, "Education is the best pamana a child can ever have" I loved going to school and I want my kids to love school.   Education  is one of the most fundamental building blocks of human development.

The government has recently launched the K to 12 Education program. Are you clueless about the K to 12 as I am?
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K to 12 basically means Kindergarten and the 12 years of elementary and secondary education (4 years of Junior High School and 2 years of Senior High School). Senior High School is a 2-year in-depth of specialization (Science & Technology, Music & Arts, Agriculture & Fisheries, Sports, Business & Entrepreneurship) depending on career a student wishes to pursue.

Oh my, Y is just in nursery. R will go to school in 2 more years. We got 14 more years to go! Then college. Wait, that's 18 or 20 more years!!! And that's tuition fee times 2! OMG! Bigla akong nagpalpitate!
All of us parents have different ambitions for our kids and we all want our kids to graduate and pursue their dreams whatever it may be. I think it's time for us to invest in educational plans especially with 2 kids and how high tuition fees can be especially at the top schools in Manila. I want to be able to plan as early as now!

Insular Life has two Education Packages that you can choose from: Wealth Secure Education or Wealth Assure Education. Both are investment-linked insurance plans that provide funds your child's future education as well as insure protection that can help your family's need in any unforeseen event. 
But more than what Insular Life's Education Package offers, these packages have their advantages.

Disciplined Savings
These packages  are designed help you save up regularly. It may be annually, semi-annually, quarterly and monthly. This is perfect for families like ours who has a budget for savings, expenses, etc. 
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This investment can easily adjust to your financial needs.  This allows you to  to  save for several years of schooling depending if it's for high school,  college or even post graduate. These education packages can be designed accordingly.
Animo! Heehee! Dream school for Y!
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Fund Growth
Depending on your risk appetite, this plan can give you opportunity to gain better yields. You can opt for fixed income assets or put your money in equities or even a mix of both.
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Continuing Education
Death is inevitable. Insular Life's plan ensures your child's education . It provides you with a death benefit equal to the sum insured plus  the fun value The sum insured  is at least 500% of your annual premium.
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These are such great advantages for an education plan. We must plan for our kids' education properly, early enough and wisely. With the new K to 12 system, there's two more additional years and with the inflation rate, we must prepare for the future of our kids as early as now.
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