The Pigeon Happy Cycle!

Pigeon was one of the brands of baby bottles my little cousins used when they were little. I remember them vividly as I always stay at my gwama's house every weekend when I was younger. And the brand stuck to me that when I was buying baby bottles for my babies, Pigeon was included in my list. And soon I discovered other Pigeon products that became my favorites like the breast pads, their line of baby wipes and the liquid cleanser!
A few week ago, I was invited to an intimate lunch along with fellow mom bloggers to the launch of Pigeon's Happy Cycle at Kimukatsu, Shangri-La Mall.
Pigeon's line of breast pump, baby bottles and more!

Pigeon’s system of care products ensures every mother a Happy Cycle of looking after the baby’s health and comfort. “Babies are truly bundles of joy, and Pigeon enhances this beautiful experience through the Happy Cycle,” says Maye Yao Co Say, Chief Operations Officer of Richwell Phils. Inc., the exclusive distributor of Pigeon in the Philippines.

Through Pigeon's line of baby feeding essentials, mothers and babies can experience the "Happy Cycle" and through their easy-to-use products that are designed to meet the "happiness quotient" of both mom and baby.
Expressing breast milk is the first step to the Pigeon Happy Cycle. Pigeon breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories allow you to express your milk with ease.
Pigeon's Manual Breast Pump and Portable Breast Pump
Pigeon's Silent  Electric Breat Pump

The second step is the proper storage of breast milk. I personally have used these when I was still working and whenever I traveled. These were my best friend! Pigeon's breast care accessories consist of breast pads, breast care gel, soft silicone shield and nipple care cream.
Storage Bags and Bottles for Milk Storage
My favorite breast pads and Pigeon;s Nipple Care Cream
Pigeon Beast Care Gel and Soft Silicone Nipple Shield

Third step is feeding your baby. Pigeon Peristaltic Plus Nipple developed more than 50 years of research and study is one of Pigeon's best products. My kids used this nipple on their baby bottles.
Only Pigeon has the Nipple Size SS
Pigeon's two kinds of feeding bottles
160 ml/240 ml PP or Polypropylene Bottle (BPA-free) 

160 ml/240 ml PPSU or Polyphenylsulfone Bottle (BPA-free)

The fourth and last step in Pigeon's Happy Cycle is cleansing and sterilizing. "Because babies have yet to strengthen their immune systems, they are more prone to disease and discomfort that may be caused by germs and bacteria", says Yao Co Say.
Pigeon Liquid Cleaner is 100% food grade. It is safe to clean baby bottles, nipples and for your fruits and vegetables. This is one of my favorite cleansers!
Pigeon Sterilizer  uses Japanese Technology in sterilizing your  bottles in 6 minutes  killing harmful bacteria effectively.

I'm sure of all of us moms understand the joy of having a healthy and happy child and Pigeon understands this fully well. Happy Cycle, Happy Baby!

During the lunch, we were also introduced to Pigeon's Sakura Baby Toiletries. I like to try new bath products for my kids. I alternate different brands on my kids and I'm excited to try the Sakura line!
Pigeon Sakura Baby Toiletries is developed with baby's delicate skin in mind. It is specially formulated for baby's sensitive skin.

It is free from harsh chemicals. It does not contain paraben, sulphates and coloring agents. It uses natural ingredients such as their signature Sakura extract renowned for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. So mild and gentle, it is proven safe on baby's sensitive skin.
Excited to use these!!!

Thank you Pigeon Philippines for a great lunch and chika! I had a lovely time with my fellow mommies!
Grabbed this photo from Kikay Mommy Sha
Here's another photo!

Can't  wait to use everything! I'm giving the bottles to my preggy sister!

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