A&D Finds: Ines Moda Infantil

Ines Moda Infantil creates lovely hand-smocked dresses for little girls. Promise, their dresses are super pretty! And the quality talaga is really really great! I've bought several dresses for Y, my niece and god daughter!
What's the story behind Ines?

Our story began some 30 years ago amidst lush sugar cane plantations in a western province in the Philippines, where a house wife desired to make hand-smocked dresses for her daughter, Ines. Fast forward to today, Ines Moda Infantil has become a household name in the world of exquisitely hand-smocked children's clothes.

Our company has grown over the past decades as we continue to stay true to our history, heritage and niche. Each garment produced tells the story of once housewives, who have now become empowered breadwinners of their families by meticulously hand-crafting each Ines Moda Infantil masterpiece.

Now a manufacturer, exporter and retailer of high quality garments, we pride ourselves in our standard of high quality. We seek to provide beautiful, classic, and age-appropriate clothing options for today's children, their children and their children's children. (From their website: http://www.inesmodainfantil.com)

And a few weeks ago, the SoMoms were invited to their showroom at 2A Kensington Place in BGC.
Super cute signage! Pwedeng i-projecct at home!
This is Ines, the inspiration behind the whole brand. And look at those dresses behind her!

The SoMoms had a great time choosing and shopping for our kids! Ang hirap pumili! Serious.
 Yes, they also have for boys!
 They also have clothes for women and accessories. O diba? You can also shop for yourself at Ines Moda Infantil's showroom!
In The Crib Items also available at their showroom
Cute shoes for your little ones!
And here's Jenny of COANM modeling a dress she got! Lakas maka-donya! Hihi!
Thanks Ness for having us! We are forever fans of Ines Moda Infantil!

And they've just recently launched their online shop so for mommies who don't have time to shop at their showroom, you can now buy online! Yay!
Just some of the pieces you can find on the website!

And here's my little ones wearing Ines Moda Infantil! Matching purple sila!
I also got this white maxi skirt pala! Y wore it to one of her Mathemagis classes.

For more information on Ines Moda Infantil, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram!
Instagram: @inesmodainfantil

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