A&D Eats: Gavino's Japanese Donuts

When I was pregnant with Y, I loved eating donuts as in I have it everyday for merienda. And that love for donuts continued even after I gave birth to her. I actually wanted donuts as my first meal after giving birth. Haha! Well, it didn't happen.
Have you tried Gavino's Donuts? OMG! If you haven't, you are missing out a lot! 

Andrew and Michelle Que always look for the best snacks whenever they're abroad. One of their favorites were the chewy mochi donuts found in Japan, Taiwan and China. I've tasted some too from my trips to Taiwan and it's yummy! So happy that the Que's perfected their donuts and launched it a year later, Gavino's Japanese Donuts, named after their son, Gavin.
I first learned and tasted Gavino's was at my god daughter's birthday. They served it as a part of their dessert buffet! It was the red velvet mochi balls. It was yummy! So when Gavino's sent a box of their donuts last Mother's Day, I was one happy momma!
Thank you for the flowers and this box of Gavino's goodies!
My super favorite is the Choco Almonds!
That chocolate mochi balls is so good!

Here's a list of flavors of Gavino's Donuts Mochi Rings and Mochi Balls, as well their store branches!
Gavino's Price Points. Not bad na!

Some of their branches offer coffee and milk tea! I didn't know that! I must merienda in a Gavino's cafe one of these days! With the summer heat, I always need a cold drink in the middle of the day!
Perfect, just perfect!

To know more about Gavino's, check and follow them on their social media accounts:
Instagram: @gavinosdonuts
Contact: 477-9725 or 414-4491

*All photos with Gavino's frame are from Gavino's Facebook Page

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