Terrible Two's The Second Time Around

And he's not even two yet!

R is turning 22 months this Friday. And he's really driving me crazy lately! I think moms who have boys knows what I'm saying. How do you do it?!
Do I look like a good boy or a bad boy?

He was the easiest baby! He's ain't easy anymore! He climbs up and down of everything! Tables, chairs, shelves, kitchen counter top, sofa, EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE! I can't sit down or do anything for five minutes because he'll be up on the table or in the kitchen. We have a safety gate in our kitchen and he managed to figure out how to open it! He's one smart aleck!
He pushed the toy bin so he can stand and get what he wants! Hay naku, how can a small little boy be so smart!
Because he wants to eat!
Wearing papa's shoes! He also likes my shoes and Y's crocs! Silly boy!
And this is nursing. He likes to seat on my face, yes my face. Then he'll laugh! 
He's the type of toddler who likes to lie down the floor when he doesn't get what he wants. He did this at a mall last Friday and I let him be. I'd rather him lie down the floor than pick him up and let him scream at my ears. Oh yes he screa,s and cries like there's no tomorrow!
He's like that because he doesn't want to go down of these crates

BOS misses when R was still an easy baby wo when R is so makulit. He does this to R. Hehehe!
Swaddle up! Well he stayed there fora minute. Hihi!
The only time he was behaved was when he had his haircut! Surprisingly.
Goodbye hair!
Grabe talaga his kakulitan! I have 14 months to go before he turns three naman! Mommies with very spirited boys, how do you do it??? He drained me yesterday, as in. My body was aching! But despite all of it, I love him to bits! He's a very sweet boy when he's not making kulit or sitting on my face hehe!
One of my favorite photos of R.
I love you bebe boy! Please don't make me stress so much! Hehe!


  1. Teehee! Hang in there Cai! My little boy is also very spirited. The more na kino-kontra ko siya, lalo niya ako kinukulit. We just let him be and after a while behave na ulit siya. Whenever I feel like I'm at my wits end, I tell myself na mami-miss ko rin kakulitan niya when he grows up. And boy do they grow up so fast! :)

  2. Haha! We let him be naman except when he might endanger himself. Sobrang kulit lang hehe :)

  3. hi, I also have a high spirited little girl. she's 4 now and I also experienced what you said. When she was 2 yrs old, she also used to climb lahat na kaya nyang akyatin. Pagpumupunta kami sa mall, nako, nagwa-wild din kapag hindi nya nakuha ang gusto nya. She's very picky eater too. I always feed her every 2 hours, hehehe. She really drained me everyday but despite like that, I love her so much. Anyway, as I was searching in the internet about my girl's behavior, I have found this book Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheed Kurcinka. The book helps me understand my little girl's behavior. I hope it will help you.