A Practial Parent With Philips Avent

LI always thought parenting was going to be easy. Now with two kids, I am still a work-in-progress. It's hard specially when R is in his terrible twos. Nakakaloka!
There are days when this little kid is draining my energy. Our house always looks like a tornado passed through it. He likes to climb up and down tables, chairs, anything thta he can climb up to! He throws tantrums like there's no tomorrow, he throws things (not at us ha) playfully.
Super kulit little boy!

And having a super active toddler means we have to be careful with everything and make sure we have a safe home. From the tables, chairs down to his feeding bottles (because he likes to throw them after drinking milk!)
Our favorite Philips Avent Sippy Cup and the new Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle. 

Nowadays, parents need to be practical. We used glass bottles with Y and I learned my lesson. Y broke one and the yaya also broke one or two bottles! Ouch! So when R ws starting to use feeding bottles when I went back to work, I made sure we only use BPA-Free Philips Avent bottles. I love the new shape and if you're using the old Philips Avent Duo breast pump, this bottle can fit your pump!

For now, no glass anything for both of my kids. Being practical doesn't necessarily mean we are not giving the best, we just want our kids to be safe.

What practical parent tips do you have? Share naman! :)

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