Barbie Live! The Musical

Y is a fan of Barbie. She especially loves Barbie Princess and the Popstar because of the singing and dancing! We always see the Barbie Live billboard in front of Megamall and she would always say she wants to watch it but I never got to buy tickets because December was a busy month for us.
A few days before the opening date of the musical, I got an email inviting us to watch the first show! Happy me! And I was super excited for Y! BOS was such a great papa for coming with us to watch it. Yay!
BARBIE LIVE! is set on a Hollywood sound stage and follows Barbie and her best friend / co-star Teresa on the set of their new movie. When Teresa starts to doubt herself and her theatrical abilities, Barbie leverages lessons from her past taught in her popular DVD’s - Swan Lake, Princess and the Popstar, and Mariposa & Fairy Princess to teach Teresa (and the audience) to be confident, believe in yourself and embrace the power of friendship. Barbie LIVE! features recognizable popular songs from the animated Mattel hit movies, as well as new music from distinguished producer, Robbie Roth. 

We arrived just in time the show started. Y was a bit scared at first because of the dim lights. But when she saw Barbie came out, she was better na.
The girliest and pinkiest stage there is!
Y was watching intently the whole show. I think part of her is wondering why is Barbie not cartoons. Hehe!
Barbie Mariposa
The show was so colorful! Costumes and everything! This was Y's favorite part!
Thank you again Vivre Fort for inviting us! We had a blast watching the show! And you made our little girl very happy!

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