Raizo Turns 1: Ant's Pocket

Ok a little history first, I met Anne last year during the World Bazaar. I was looking for suppliers for a possible business venture (which didn't happen) and I chanced upon her booth. I got her number and you can say the rest is history. We became good friends and now we join bazaars regularly as partners and also separately. She really is a heaven sent!
Ant's Pocket

I didn't want to hire a party planner or event stylist to do the venue because of budget constraints. I initially got Anne to do our giveaways, centerpieces and robot antennas.Then eventually I asked Anne if she can also do the backdrop.  

I really appreciate the time and effort they put in their work. Everything was handmade! All photos below are grabbed from their Facebook Page.
Chie doing our backdrop
 Ang dami nila! I sent her the favor bags and stickers to pack the giveaways. Thank you so much talaga!

Anne went to Shakey's early to set up along with Chie and her kids.
Our simple handmade backdrop!
Our centerpieces! I bought the tin cans at Divisoria for Php40 each. Used Paper Chic paper straws to hold the robots and balloons from Yan-ple's Party Shop.

I had about 100 bag tags made. I gave these away to everybody and I still have some with me pa. My sisters collected them all! LOL. They were all put inside Paper Chic's favor bags and sealed with Thank You stickers from Candy Shop (blogged about it here)
Cute noh?

I also had robot antennas made. I gave one to each kid. I'm glad some of the boys were game to wear it hehe!
Around two weeks before the party, I was thinking of "making" robot costumes for Y and R. I thought kaya ko pa mag DIY. Saw these on Pinterest.
Cute diba? But I had no time to make it so I had Anne made it for me too! I showed her the photos and sabi ko siya na bahala. No measurements were taken. She had it sewn by a  modista they know. And I was happy with the outcome! And the kids are using them again for Halloween! Yay!
Whattafez ako pero I want to show you how the costume looks like! Ganda diba?

I'm really happy with Ant's Pocket! And I'm really glad I met her last year. She's really a blessing to me! Thank you Anne and Chie!!!

We'll be at the Mommy Mundo Bazaar! Visit us there! Meanwhile, check their Facebook Page and Instagram accounts!


  1. Hooray to DIY! During my daughter's 1st birthday I had the backdrop personally made together with my family. Tarpaulins are out na..for me..

  2. That's nice! I would DIY it myself if I'm not so busy. Tarpaulin looks cheap!