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Two weeks ago, after finally registering our business at DTI. (Yes, finally after a year! Woohoo!) Since we were in the area, we decided to check out A11.
A11 is a design and home gallery located in a compound along F.B. Harrison. It's spread along 3 houses. I thought it was only one house, A11 heehee. Oh well what do I know! Haha! At first, we couldn't find the house because I was looking for "A11", so a tip for those who wants to visit A11. Look at the photo below for the landmark.
The place was a bit overwhelming for me who is not an interior design enthusiast. I appreciate a good design. I love looking a nice furniture and kitchenware though. BOS is the opposite. He loves design, wood work, art and appreciates them the way I don't. But I still loved the place! 
They only not sell furniture but also dinner wares. And I'm a sucker for plates, glasses, pots, etc. Ever since becoming a homemaker, I like buying home wares, dinner wares, kitchen appliances. Ahihi!
Looking for holiday gifts? You can also buy or combine your own and they'll put it ina a nice weaved box!
Plates as decor! Nice idea righ? 
I am in love with these! As in!
I feel happy just by looking at this photo!
Jars and more jars!
Antique mason jars! Want one? It costs Php1000 each!

I didn't get to take photos of the other rooms and houses anymore. Each room has a different theme, different sets of furniture. Well, price of each piece is out of our budget but it's nice to appreciate designs that you don't normally see in the department stores. One thing that I want to have some day is the ghost chair that was displayed outside A11.
Visit A11 when you get the chance. I'm thining of having a family photo shoot here but the venue costs Php12,000. They thought it was for a prenup haha! Sabi ko no, family portrait lang. Hihi! Now I need to book a photographer and look for a nice cocktail dress at Zalora for me!

A11 is located on 2680 FB Harrison Street, Pasay City

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