Ramen Files!

The BOS loves ramen! And when I say LOVE, we always end up eating at a ramen place whenever we're out! I don't really mind because our family loves ramen so I gave us a name, Ramen Monsters! Heehee! It helps that it's the current fad giving us more ramen places to try and choose from.

Here are the ramen places we've tried. Sorry I can't remember all of them but I certainly have my favorites already!

Kokoro Ramenya - it's the nearest ramen place in my area. We've been to this place a lot. And I've always ordered the same ramen. Heehee. Their gyoza is also good!
Hakata Classic - my fave
Nabeyaki Udon - moms order
Ukkokei Malate - the first time we we're supposed to eat here, we couldn't find the place! Second time was a charm. I've never been to the one in Makati so I really don't know if one branch is better than the other.
Miso Ramen with Corn and Butter - not that good

Their famous Tan Tan Men - not so famous to me
Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - One of my favorite restaurants in general. As a mom, kid friendly restaurants are important. And Santouka is one of them. Since Y loves noodles and she can't eat one full order of noodles, Santouka came up with a Mom and child meal plus kids get a free toy! Yipeeee!
BOS always orders tea
Forgot what I ordered but you can order different soup base for the mom and child set
There was a line already after we ate!
I would definitely go back again to Santouka to try their other ramen! I love that it's located in a mall, giving us more option to eat noodles other than our stape Jipan hehe!

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen - the best ramen place (so far) for us! We've eaten here twice. The first time we ate I didn't know that you can request how you want your noodles to be (soft, normal or hard) parang massage hehe!

It's located at the East Wing of Shangrila Mall. We don't frequent this area so even there was a line the first time we ate, we patiently waited!
Tofu Chenelin which the kids liked
Gyoza - staple order of ours. I really love my dumplings!
BOS's ramen - Ajitama Tonkotsu
Black Garlic Tonkotsu - their best seller daw but I prefer ng plain one lang

The last ramen place we tried was Mitsuyado Sei-Men. They're known for their Tsukemen dipped in cheese sauce but I didn't order that. We wanted to try their ramen, what else??
Forgot what we ordered! Sorry.But it was all good! This place gets full too on weekends!

Moshi Koshi - Tried this place after having a meeting in Robinson's Galleria where I was super late! I was with Y and we were both hungry and want something filling so this is only ramen place we could find.
And on days when we can't go these ramen places, there's instant noodles or homemade miso ramen which sometimes I cook for my little girl.
Miso soup with noodles and rabbit fish cakes for the little girl
Nissin Instant Tonkotsu Ramen for when we're lazy to cook or the perfect rainy day merienda!

We have yet to try Kitchitora, Ramen Yushoken, Wrong Ramen, Ramen Cool, what else? Any recommendations?


  1. SO. MUCH. RAMEN. not that i'm complaining. :) i envy you manila folks because you have a lot of choices when it comes to that. cebu, on the other hand, definitely needs more ramen houses. otherwise i'll merely alternate between rairaiken and teriyaki boy if i want my ramen fix. hehe!

  2. we loved ukkokei and kitchitora! i wasn't too impressed with santouka though. am looking forward to trying wrong ramen and ikkoryu!

  3. Hehe! You must come to Manila! :)

  4. I haven't tried Kitchitora! And kelangan ko balikan si Ukkokei! Try Ikkoryu, that's the best for us but I want to try Ramen Yushoken! Sabi nila that's the best daw!