A&D Eats: Mango Tree Bistro, Greenbelt 5

After spending Mother's Day with the SoMoms (yes Mother's Day pa ito, major major backlog!), we looked for a restaurant to have early dinner. We went back and fort from the strip of restaurants and ended up at Mango Tree.

BOS said, since it was my day and my favorite cuisine is Thai, we decided to try out Mango Tree. I was worried that there won't be any kid-friendly food for Y but the server made sure that it's not a problem.

And when I eat at Thai restaurants, I always order my favorite dishes. Heehee... But for that night, I ordered salad because we were waiting for BOS to finish his movie.
Pomelo Salad with Shrimp
The server suggested we get Phad Thai for Y. Since she doesn't like to eat meat (yes, she's some kinda vegetarian and a really picky eater), we got the plain one and I didn't mix the nuts with the noodles.
Serving was good for 2-3 pesons
Bagoong Rice which BOS always order
Green Chicken Curry - my favorite Thai dish but this was only so so
Thai Iced Tea which was good!
We also had Tom Yum soup which was quite good. No photo because I forgot! Ooops! For the price, range is Php250-Php400. It was higher than our usua budget for dinner outs but it was Mother's Day so pwede na din. :)

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