What's Up?

I really don't know how Mommy Fleur, Jackie and Patty do it! They get to blog regularly even with their busy schedules. My blog posts are all in the draft folder, one post can take up to 3 days! I want to write at night when the kids are asleep, but when my back hits the bed, wala na! I doze off to lala-land na!

So now I'm trying to write everything in a nutshell!
I'm trying to put on make up whenever I have events to attend or meet with clients. Parang mag mukha naman akong tao paminsan-minsan!
Went to have our family photos taken at BUB (will blog soon!) And Yukie looks like she's going to do the boogie!
Finally tried this. Nothing to fuss about.
Love the new Family Lounge at Greenbelt 5!
Went to a very yummy 1st birthday party of my inaanak. Decors pa lang bongga na. Love big parties because I can never throw a big party like that!                        
This is so much better than TJ! Yum yum yum! Thank you Lorena and Loreta for this!
Exchanged IG comments and a few iMessage, I sponsored some goodies to Alyanna Martinez's fitness party!
Cooked pancake one morning for the kids!
Collected the Hello Kitty Happy Meal in just a day. Yeah. Kaya ako mataba! Ahihihi
This Angus Beef Salpicao from Jam Foods is soooooo good!!! Rice please!
Had a great bazaar at Yummy Eats! We're the only non-food concessionaire!
Our next event! Come visit and vote us!!! :)


  1. haha you did fit in everything in this post. :) love Yukie's purple skirt! So cute! Oh and we were in Yummy Eats. While waiting in line to get tickets, Lucas threw a terrible two fit and literally pulled me out of the venue :( sayang talaga. super hinayang na hinayang ako. :( oh and i just can't make up my mind which washi tape design to get lang hihi

  2. I love this "in a nutshell " post of yours and yah if there are factors hampering us to blog (but itching to blog it) this is a better idea :) see you more in IG