Tea Talks with Bamboo Dappy

With all the advanced technologies and products that we are all enjoying the convenience it brings to our lives. Sometimes we become complacent and lenient with ourselves (read: lazy and spoiled) that we neglect simple things like throwing garbage properly, saving electricity and water and many other things.

When I became a mom for the first time, I;ve never heard of cloth diapers! Well, I know the old fashion lampin and clips, I tried doing it but I really didn't have the patience and I didn't have a washing machine back then. I only learned about the existence of cloth diapers when Y was around 6 or 7 months already. So when I was pregnant with R, I wanted to prepared and be more eco-friendly (trying to be a green mommas as much as possible), I bought a lot of cloth diapers and Bamboo Dappy was one of them!

So when I was invited by Bamboo Dappy for an afternoon of green talks with fellow mommy bloggers, I had to say yes. I wanted to meet Jenny, the fab momma behind the brand.
What I like about Bamboo Dappy is the designs (they're too cute!) and the quality of the materials. You'll really know it's good once you touch the diapers. They're coming out with swim diapers and they now have training pants! Love it! What I don't like about the diaper naman is it doesn't dry as fast as other cloth diapers. It takes about 2-3 days. But nonetheless, it's a great cloth diaper!

For that afternoon, we were treated to a talk by WWF about being environmental friendly. Then we were tasked to write our own pledges on how we can help save the earth.
Jenny, owner of Bamboo Dappy
And here's my pledge:
Pasensya na ang buhok hihi.

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