My Mother's Day at Ayala Malls!

This Mother's Day is my first Mother's day with R. He was still in my tummy last year! So it was extra special for me :) And this year we got to celebrate it with my fellow #SoMoms at Greenbelt 5. But before going to the mall, we had lunch at home. Cooked steak for me and the hubby! (Hmmm.. teka, bakit ako ang nagluto? Diba dapat ako ang pinaglutuan?) hehe!
Yum yum lunch!
After eating and getting ready, we went to Greenbelt 5 for our Mother's Day day out! It was a High Tea afternoon at The Gallery at Greenbelt for us #SoMoms.
This is my pretty little girl
Dessert Buffet by Bizu! (Photo from Tammy David)
There was a nice swing for picture taking, where we all had a souvenir photo taken
After having a little dessert, we were introduced to Mench of Ayala Malls, we then went to visit the mini Butterfly Garden and after that we had our tour of Gingersnaps, Lancome and Kiehl's!
I'm scared to touch or hold the butterflies so hanggang tingin lang kami ni Y (Photo by Tammy David)
First stop was Gingersnaps, my favorite store for kid's clothes
#SoKids in their Gingersnaps outfit! So cute!!! :)
And when it was the #Somoms turn to have out photos taken, the #SoKids looked like this:
The next gen! (Photo by Tammy David)
The SoMoms! (Photo by Tammy David)
Then we went to Lancome where we got a Mother's Day gift! Thank you! 
And last but certainly not the least was Kiehl's! I want to try their eye cream! I badly need for my eyes!
Busy mag-IG!
And they gave us a gift too! We're very happy mommies!!!
Then the little kiddies had a photo op outside. So cute!
And after a fun and sweaty tour hihi! We all went back to The Gallery and had our photos taken by Tammy. Sayang R was still sleeping so it's just me and Y.
Thank you Mench, Ayala Malls and Greenbelt 5 for a fun fun Mother's Day!
Mother's Day gifts!


  1. Super nice yung last photo of you and Y :) Belated happy mommy day!

    xo Patty

  2. Thank you Patty! :) Happy Mom's Day to you too!

  3. Sayang wala si R sa photo. Belated Happy Mom's Day Cai :)

  4. belated mother's day! if we have stage mothers, then those kids are the stage kids. hehehe!

  5. Super happy for So Moms to have spent Mother's Day in a dainty event perfectly organized by Ayala Malls! Happy Mother's Day! :)

  6. Haha so cute ng mga SoKids taking pictures of their moms. Next generation of bloggers :) Belated happy mom's day, Cai!

  7. Haha oo nga! Belated Happy Mother's Day!