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Have you ever have those days when you have a party to go to or an event to attend or just any random day and your hair just won't cooperate? I have thick wavy hair and I really don't know how to blow dry my own hair. So I love getting treated and pampered and having my hair blow dried and see myself with nice straight hair. Don't we all? There was a time I wished I can hire someone just to blow dry my hair everyday. Hihi. Donya lang ang peg. Hey, our hair is our crowning glory! Diba?

There's nail spas, waxing salons, brow bars, massage places sprouting everywhere. It isn't really surprising to see this new concept of a blow dry bar!

Blo is North America's Original Blow Dry Bar. Scissors are verboten. Dye, ditto. No cuts, no color: Just WASH BLOW GO. Hair Cadets (aka Clients) choose from 7 styles featured in the Blo Hair Menu, from the sexy razor straight "Executive Sweet" to the runway-inspired "Pillow Talk".

They are the first to market the no cuts, no color concept in North America with its first branch opened in June 2007. They are the world's largest blow dry bar chain!

They opened their first Asia branch last February 8 in Power Plant, Rockwell. And I had the privilege to experience Blo last February 9! It was awesome! :)

But first, here are some interesting "blo" facts!
Just WASH BLOW GO for Php500 (all hair types and lengths)
• Blo is not just about hair, it is about experience, culture and vibe
• All Bloers (aka Session Stylists) go through an intensive training program, affectionately known as Blo U(niversity), where they master Blo's signature styles
• Please note that Blo is NOT a salon, we are North America's Original Blow Dry Bar
• Blo is still Canada's ONLY concept Blow Dry Bar
• Please refer to Blo as a Blow Dry Bar, Blo or simply as a/the Bar

My appointment was 2PM but I got there around 2:30PM and the place was packed! While waiting, I had the chance to meet and chat with the owner, Howard, who was so nice and friendly! He actually reminded me of R's pedia-cardio. He probably have answered the questions I asked but he still obliged hehe. I was surprised to see that a man owns a "beauty" business but the idea of opening this kind of business came to him while watching Bloomberg and his wife suggested to put up this business.

Now on with my Blo experience! My Bloer's name was Sandra. Sorry no photo I was so too excited hihi plus my camera's battery was almost empty I had to make tipid hehe. First, they washed my hair. I love getting my hair washed. So relaxing when you're not doing it yourself ahihihi.
I love the wash area!
I went back to my seat and my Bloer gave me a Hair Menu where you can choose from 7 hair styles!
You want mala-J.Lo or Divine Lee wavy hair, pwede! You want your bob hair to be sleek as Victoria Beckham, pwedeng pwede! It's just no ordinary blow dry!
I had a hard time choosing what "hair style" I wanted but in the end I chose the Red Carpet look. Yeah.. of all the elaborate hair styles I stuck with the simplest. Hehe... Then Sandra started doing my hair, she applied some serum before she started sectioning my hair and started "blo-ing" me away!
Can you see me? :)
It took her around 30 minutes to finish. They work fast, efficient and they're really good! Sorry no photo of me. :( I totally forgot to take a photo. But I assure you I love my hair after!!!

Here's more photos of the place:
I love my experience at Blo! They are opening two more branches this year and I hope it's somewhere near my place. I'd definitely go back and try their other styles in their hair menu! Now to look for a party and event so I'll have a reason to go back soon! Nye! Hehe!

Thank you again Blo Rockwell!

Blo Rockwell
Stall#019 P1 Level, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell Center, Makati City

Blo Serendra
2-C01A 2nd Floor Serendra,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Twitter: @bloheartsasia
Facebook: bloheartsasia

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