My Life List

Inspired by Martine's and Ginger's life lists. I decided to also make one as one of my first entries for 2013 and something to guide and remind me of the things I want to accomplish in life and look back to when I think I'm losing my way.

1. Get married
2. Have a beach wedding
3. Have kids - I have a girl and a boy. Although I'm good, having another one would be nice but in 4-5 years when we have bigger income!
4. Go back to my pre-preggy weight
5. Live healthy and start exercising (yoga, Barre3, Plana Forma)
6. Join a marathon - kahit running lang
7. Go to Europe with my husband
8. Go to USA to shop at outlet stores (hihi, babaw) and visit my cousin
9. Travel with the kids locally and internationally
10. Take the kids to Disneyland HK or Tokyo
11. Own my own car
12. Have our own house and lot
13. Own my own business/es
14. Make Paper Chic Studio bigger and better
15. Be a WAHM
16. Earn more than I can spend
17. Buy my own Chanel
18. Provide good education to my kids
19. Teach my kids English, Mandarin, and Fukien and converse with them in these language (multilingual lang ang peg!)
20. Learn how to bake
21. Be a breastfeeding peer counselor
22. Attend a blogging conference
23. Learn how to use Photoshop
24. Create a blog about DIYs and parties like HWTM
25. Create a community for mom and party enthusiasts
26. Retire early
27. Own a beach house or a rest house
28. Travel with my sisters and brother and their families
29. Give my parents an all expense paid trip to a destination of their own choosing
30. Go to Maldives
31. Go backpacking - went backpacking in Asia 5 years
32. Learn to write better
33. Collect vintage cameras

34. Take nice and good pictures of my kids
35. Find my way back to my love for photography 

I will add more to this as we go...

This is a great exercise! Writing down and seeing what I want to do, I'm excited to cross out all of these one by one.

How about you? Do you have life list?


  1. Hi Cai! You have a pretty good list :) Let's cross out items in our list together! :) Can't wait to fulfill our plans this 2013! Wooootwoot! :) Love lots, Ginger

  2. Yes! :) Can't wait too! Wuhooo!